TweakTown is one of the most successful tech websites in the world, being accessed by tens of thousands of readers every day. Tweaktown provides a high-quality and frequently updated free online resource to aid readers in making informed buying decisions on the latest technology products. TweakTown has the most authoritative, unbiased technology, science, space, and gaming news and reviews trusted in North America and globally since 1999.

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Project Summary

Cameron, CEO Tweaktown, came to us in 2010 as his tech website was growing and it was difficult to manage at his end. While he was busy doing rigorous research for providing the best content to its readers, he needed a dedicated team who could continuously manage the website’s compatibility across browsers and OS updates, enhance functionalities, modify images for sharp, high-quality content posting on a daily basis, and a remote team who could deliver output in his timezone. We offered him a Senior PHP programmer & a Senior graphic designer who were skilled and experienced to manage such a content-heavy - high traffic website! They worked for a dedicated time every day to deliver output on time, while all the communications were managed easily over emails and calls. As a result, over 50+ high-quality images could be uploaded every day, traffic grew to over 10,000+ visitors every day, the website could function smoothly and Tweaktown became one of the most popular & trusted tech websites!

  • Enhance the functionality of websites with increasing use cases
  • Maintain site compatibility with recent browser & mobile OS upgrade
  • Facebook API integration and Amazon API integration
  • Modified & optimised images for everyday content uploading
  • A remote support team who can work efficiently & timely deliver the output required by the client
  • A dedicated experienced resource who can ensure smooth functioning of the website as the traffic increases by over 10,000+ visitors daily.
  • A skilled graphic designer to daily optimise over 50 images for a sharp, high quality, presentable content display on the website.
  • Remote Support team who can deliver output as per their timezone.
  • We proposed a dedicated Senior PHP Programmer, to help the client monitor & manage functionality enhancement.
  • The same programmer can also timely monitor any browser or OS version update, and maintain the site to be compatible with the same.
  • We also proposed a dedicated Senior Graphic Designer, who can manage the modification of the images on a daily basis as per client’s requirement.
  • Both the resource to work for a dedicated period daily, to deliver the output in the client’s timezone while all the communication to be easily managed over emails.
  • Client now easily manages the content heavy website - with over 10,000+ traffic daily!
  • As a part of enhancement, successful Facebook & Amazon API integrations were executed by the dedicated support of the PHP programmer.
  • For all the image support - a continuous single dedicated resource had developed a good understanding of client’s requirements and delivered efficiently for nearly 10 years.
  • Website functions smoothly with a dedicated support of the PHP programmer and client could confidently focus on the growth & expansion of the website.
  • CorePHP
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Jquery
  • MySQL
Cameron Wilmot
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We have been working with Narola Infotech for so many years now and are pleased with the results so far. It is our first time hiring external help to grow our website from India and I’m happy to testify that the work provided is of high standard. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Narola Infotech to others.

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Cameron Wilmot

Cofounder, TweakTown | Australia

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