Copalana - Crowdfunding & Volunteering Marketplace is connecting agents of change to form rewarding partnerships and collaborate sustainably. Copalana Project helps users to propose their project on a platform about their need, and connect volunteers with nonprofits.

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Project Summary

We were able to successfully complete the “Copalana” project with bug fixes, module-wise, and new functionality addition. The project has received millions of dollars in donations and completed many projects. It was successfully implemented for Web-view, Ipad-view, and Mobile-view with each browser supported. This project had some unencountered challenges. Our team of expert developers successfully tackled and addressed each of them and developed the product in phases. CF (Crowdfunding) project has 62,29,215 CHF amount raised till now & VM (Volunteering MarketPlace) project has 3847 Volunteers, 191 Non-Profits, and 4 Corporates till now. It is continuously growing and making a measurable impact.

  • The project should be user-friendly and scalable.
  • Allow users and admin to add/edit/delete projects, campaigns, themes, etc.
  • Users should be able to provide access role-wise. After a user submits a project, the admin will review it. The project should go live after verifying the details.
  • Admin has all access to modified details at any time.
  • Donors are able to donate.
  • Category-wise projects should be displayed, and users should be able to filter and search as well.
  • The project should be in English and German language.
  • Implement stripe payment functionality.
  • Earlier we had only one project, and we developed all 4 modules in one single solution. If we made changes in one module, then we needed to deploy all modules together. At that time, we faced some challenges like 2 developers working on the CF module and 2 developers working on the VM module and the CF module sprint. We needed to deploy those changes on production, and if VM changes were not complete, then they had to wait till the complete VM module changed. So later, we separated all modules, so we independently deployed them module-wise.
  • We faced challenges in creating a CI/CD stack on AWS when we separated all modules and created module-wise pipelines on AWS.
  • Also, we faced challenges when we separated all modules, but our DB was the same for all modules. So when we updated EDMX in one of the modules, we got errors in other modules. So we kept the same tables we needed in all modules and only added the ones we needed module-wise.
  • Copalana project gives a platform to Different Non-Profits | NGOs, and companies to do charity in the real world of needed people.
  • Non-Profits and companies can propose their projects on the Copalana platform and get donations from different countries' donors and that money would be given to the Non-Profit that proposed this project. Then they will give that money to the concerned people or organizer.
  • Database:- MySQL
  • Bootstrap
  • Jquery
  • css3
  • Net MVC 5
  • Host on :- AWS
Paul Ryatt
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I’m impressed by their ability to work within my workflow requirements.

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Paul Ryatt

Cofounder, Copalana | Switzerland

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