Perfect Agent is a Real Estate and Equipment Rental service that provides Free service for people who are looking for the perfect real estate agent. We provide our users with quotes from top-performing local agents outlining their fees, services, and expertise.

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Project Summary

The present system was able to satisfy and achieve the desired objectives and requirements of the client such as user-friendliness, interactive system, and all the major functionalities with cross-platform ability. The business needs were also achieved. The performance of the website was increased with an A grade. It is now more responsive compared to the old website. The Perfect Agent is now successfully deployed, doing great business in the market, and working properly on multiple cross-platform devices.

  • The website should be secure, responsive, and attractive.
  • Should be easily available, affordable, and should get the best ratings and reviews.
  • Should reach a maximum number of people and should generate revenue easily.
  • Stability and quality check in different environmental parameters in terms of security.
  • Increase in business cost
  • The website should work properly in all browsers
  • The website should be secure, user-friendly, and easily interactive
  • Real estate agent registration process and profiles
  • Create proposals and inquiries for property
  • Compare and find the best property available in Australia
  • Property insight subscription for new blogs and news updates
  • Security, including cookies, session, SQL injection, subscription, HTML injection, and SSL test.
  • Narola Infotech proposed the solution and suggested Manual Testing of the Website.
  • Testing the features and operational behavior of a website to ensure they correspond to its specifications.
  • Compatibility testing to determine whether a website is compatible with all browsers, operating systems, mobile devices, and networks.
  • Verify whether the website meets the intended functional specifications mentioned in the requirement development documentation.
  • Performance testing to evaluate the compliance of a system or component with specified performance requirements.
  • The proposed system was able to solve the issues and needs of the client such as Interaction, Custom design, UI, Security, and multiple platform availability and support
  • Security of the system to check all the potential ambiguities and vulnerabilities of the website so that the software does not stop working.
  • The website was interactive and user friendly
  • The UI/UX of the system is now easy to use for any users
  • Performance & security of the website increased
  • Compatibility with all browsers, OS, mobile devices, and networks
  • 95% bug-free application has been achieved
  • Increase the number of Real Estate Agents Registration up to 50%
  • Bug Reporting Tool: Asana
  • Performance Testing: Jmeter
  • Platforms used for testing: Windows, MAC, Android, and iOS
  • VPN tool: VPN hox
  • For Progress Report: Google Excel Sheet
Erika V. O’Connor
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Work was done in a professional manner. All bugs were fixed. Overall experience was good. Amazing job by the entire QA Team. I would highly recommend using them for all your QA needs.

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Erika V. O’Connor

Founder, Perfect Agent | Australia

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