FundBrick is a real estate investment platform focused on properties in Puerto Rico where you can achieve the highest return effortlessly. The platform helps users in clearing their confusion regarding real estate and identify the best areas and properties for investment.

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Project Summary

Sometimes, our clients usually do not have much idea of what exactly they want. However, know what they don't want. In such a case, our team of experts directly discussed with the owners to know in depth about their goals, competitors, and revenue expectation. Our client was looking for a real estate solution to help people find an area to invest in, and acquire a property. So, we developed the Fundbrick app. It is a simple way to get into Real Estate investing. Our client recognized our hard work and was super pleased with the project delivered.

  • Using this system, users will be able to invest directly into some property and earn money from that based on some conditions
  • It’s next generation crowdfunding platform with a Real Estate category.
  • Only verified investors can invest in property
  • Investors can invest in an easy way and get easy and quick returns on their money, along with this site admin can get benefits ( in terms of interest ) from this investment as well.
  • Admin will be able to add the property with some details of total investment and Annual/Total interest.
  • Admin will be able to monitor everything that user has done into the website like investment and other property regarding details.
  • Admin will be able to manage News/Updates, Countries, testimonials of the system, and FAQs.
  • Users will be able to register, log in, and verify themselves using the system front-end.
  • Make sure without verification you will not be able to invest a single penny into the system.
  • Once every single document is uploaded, the user will be able to invest money into the system for any of the properties and be able to see the reports based on that.
  • FundBrick selects a property where they want to get crowdfunding from the investor
  • Investors can browse properties on the site and as per their interest, they will invest once after they will get verified submitting any of their resident proof, any government ID, using a driving license, and using a passport as well.
  • To get the investment amount from the investor we have integrated the payment gateway.
  • Investors can invest their money for a certain duration decided. After the end of that duration, Admin can review the collected funds and if the crowd-funding goal is not archiving then the admin can decide to use that funds for that property with property builders or return those funds to the investor in an easy way.
  • FundBrick provides a multi-language feature to reach a maximum audience of Spain with their regional - Spanish language, and alternatively, users can visit sites in the English language as well.
  • Laravel 8
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • jQuery

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