Steve, an Ofi-thrive, deals with customers for their company. They want to collect booking data from websites and store it in Salesforce, as well as create automation processes to automatically send email notifications to the owner and clients based on conditions. Auto-send feedback form and store feedback data; attendance module to track delegates' attendance; and automation processes to send all meeting summaries to the meeting planner.

Project Summary

After methodically working on the Salesforce sales cloud and integrations with Wordpress, an ultimate CRM was created. Before passing over the finished flow to the client with credentials, it was thoroughly tested to assure outstanding outcomes. Integrations and features were developed after extensive market research, with special attention paid to making the site user-friendly. Before proposing innovative solutions, Narola InfoTech professionals thoroughly understood the client's requirements. Booking management, Expenses management, feedback management, Attendance, Exam management and automation flow were all praised. This project's implementation was a success, and it made our team more aware of sales cloud implementation and wordpress integration with Salesforce!

  • Integrate Salesforce with a WordPress website to retrieve booking data, directly from the website.
  • Depending on whether the client wants to print the course notes internally, or have OFI print and mail them hard copies if they choose to print the course notes internally, the course notes will be automatically sent to the client's email address.
  • Manage all of the trainer's extra expenses and have them automatically calculated based on a fixed formula.
  • Collect attendance and delegate training records, and send a summary to the meeting organizer.
  • Send a feedback form link and collect feedback data in Salesforce, using the Feedback link.
  • A website where delegates can complete their exam at the end of the course, using their smartphone, tablet, or PC. The exams will be graded/marked automatically based on pre-determined answers. If someone does not pass (ie, less than x percent), a copy of the completed exam is emailed to the trainer for review, and the delegate is contacted if necessary. Once all exams have been received, certificates are emailed to the Client (separate PDFs for each delegate). There should also be the option to generate certificates manually and have them emailed to the OFI administrator.
  • Setup, configuration, and implementation of Salesforce integration with Wordpress website to collect booking and feedback data
  • Based on the client's selection, an automation process is used to send course notes.
  • Attendance module for managing attendance Delegate Training record and automation to send summary to meeting organiser Automation processes to send feedback form links based on condition
  • Exam Module for taking online exams and storing results, as well as an Automation process for sending certificates to clients via email.
  • Narola Infotech recommends integrating a Wordpress website with Salesforce to capture booking and feedback data.
  • To develop an automation process for sending course notes based on client preferences. Narola Infotech proposes developing a process builder.
  • For the Attendance module, Narola Infotech proposes developing custom objects and fields to store Attendance and Delegate Record of Training, as well as developing a process builder to automatically send a summary to the meeting organiser.
  • To manage trainer expenses, Narola Infotech recommends creating custom objects and fields to store expense details, as well as formula fields to automatically calculate expense totals based on business formulas.
  • For the Exam Module, Narola Infotech proposes creating custom objects and fields to store Questions, Answers, and Results, as well as automating the process of sending certificates to clients via email using Process Builder.
  • After integrate Booking form and Feedback form with Salesforce now able to Capture data directly into Salesforce
  • We create an automation process sending course notes on client email id
  • We create custom objects and fields to Manage all of the trainer's extra expenses and create automation process to send expenses receipt on trainer email Id
  • We create custom objects and fields to collect attendance and delegate training records, and create an automation process to send a summary to the meeting organiser.
  • We are now able to Send a feedback form link and collect feedback data in Salesforce using the Feedback link.
  • Salesforce Programming
  • Sales Cloud
  • Wordpress

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