The Charity Excellence framework is an affordable and easy-to-use platform with a dashboard and toolkit for charity boards and CEOs. It also offers assurance to the users and promotes good governance, effectiveness, efficiency, and impact. The Charity Excellence framework is a low-cost, low workload, web-based non-profit platform that anyone can use, which assesses, prioritizes, and reports all aspects of performance.

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Project Summary

The proposed Web App System was able to satisfy and achieve the desired objectives and requirements of the client such as an interactive system, user-friendly UI, and all the functionalities. The business needs were also achieved, and the system was able to deliver the requirements, customize the desired aspects, etc. Questionnaires as per the response of the user and criteria-wise registration were generated. Giving the user registration and login options using the company/organization type was successful. The user addition into the company profile by the Admin in the Web App System depending upon hierarchy was successful. The user could easily donate and transfer the funds into the WebApp system. Content management & synchronization was possible. The criteria-wise report generation and admin panel reports and the performance dashboard were provided. The Web App was implemented and deployed successfully.

  • The system should be responsive and should attract attention.
  • Should be easily available, be able to play and manage media files in the system, and should get the best ratings and reviews.
  • Should reach the maximum number of people
  • The organization should generate maximum charity.
  • The Web App should be available and accessible easily.
  • The Web App should be easily customizable with interactive and user-friendly UI UX.
  • The Web App should be able to provide registration of users and companies/agencies. There should be a provision for selecting and adding users inside those agencies and companies.
  • There should be a provision to add or remove the user or company/agency from the platform.
  • The Web App should recognize and identify the type of company/organization etc.
  • The Web App should have questionnaires for the users and organization.
  • The data should be imported and stored easily in the system.
  • The system should have several types of quality assurance stages and a performance dashboard, depending on the questionnaires.
  • The admin panel must have reports, performance dashboards, and criteria-wise reports for the users, organizations, etc.
  • Narola Infotech proposed the solution to use ASP.NET MVC which is an open-source web application framework developed by Microsoft that implements the model–view–controller pattern. We also suggested using Microsoft SQL Server, which is a relational database management system developed by Microsoft as a database server for the database to save the data and files of the web app.
  • We proposed the use of Azure Virtual Machine for high-density website hosting as it provides several platforms and deployment options.
  • The users can add their personal details and organization’s details to the portal web app, as well as answer the questionnaires asked depending upon the details and response provided by the user.
  • The user shall log in/register and fill up the basic questions asked and other details as well as shall register his organization and fill up details of the same.
  • The user can add other users of his own organization and shall LogOn using the Company/Organization name and shall have one whole data page for his company/organization users. The user can be the Admin/normal user for the company/organization on the Web app depending upon the hierarchy set internally.
  • The Web App provides content management and criteria-wise reports, a performance dashboard, and direct links to the related documents and admin side reports, etc.
  • The system developed was interactive and user-friendly.
  • The main objective of building a charity collection and distribution Web App System that can allow companies, agencies, and users to donate to charity. The charity can be transferred to the required trusts and needful people for whom it was achieved.
  • The Web App was able to provide the Performance dashboard and Direct links to the related Documents and Admin Side Reports and data etc.
  • The criteria-wise report generation was achieved.
  • The Content Management System was stable and functional and performed well.
  • Azure VM
  • SQL Server
Ian Mclintock
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I have now worked with Narola for 6 years & their support in developing & maintaining the Charity Excellence platform has taken us to 20k users in just 3 years, with nearly rating it 10/10.”

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Ian Mclintock

Founder, Charity Excellence | UK

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