Trust-hub is an innovative, hosted platform enables you to secure personal data that flows safely across an organisation for critical decision-making and efficient operations. Trusthub provides Robust Document Management System that allows common document management operations like upload (also massive), download, delete, rename, move, index, tags documents, and also create, delete and rename folders. All changes need to be traced and historicized.

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Project Summary

An ultimate product was achieved after meticulously working on each segment of the framework and security integrations. Detailed testing took place before handing over the final website to the client with credentials to ensure excellent results. Extensive market research went behind designing the theme, and we took extra care to make the site user-friendly and reliable. Professionals at Narola Infotech understood the client's requirements before proposing innovative solutions. The elements like category assignment and responsive UI/UX were praised. The implementation of this project was successful, and it made our team more conscious about the sports and advantages marketplace through Trusthub.

  • Currently, document management is focused on local (hard drive) storage along with S3, openKm, etc cloud support.
  • Each user based on their subscriptions will be able to add/remove/rename folders and files.
  • Mainly, document management is needed to manage the documents for signing reasons.
  • The entire project is quite extensive and includes a web application with different user-level management for “users”, “operators”, “companies” and “partners” access with different views and menus.
  • Tree traversal for folder/document management.
  • Keycloak OpenID auth along with basic JWT authentication
  • OpenKm API integration for folder/file management.
  • Setting up proftpd server for establishing the FTP server
  • Managing group, and owner while creating default folder structure for trust hub users
  • Pac4j library implementation with web flux for user authentication.
  • Implement Microservice Architecture from monolithic architecture with web flux.
  • Focused more on Tree Traversal Algorithm like DFS for folders management
  • Modified opensource Openkm library for managing documents with spring
  • Suggested to setup standalone FTP server rather than pointing out the minted version
  • Provide Feign implementation for microservice intercommunication
  • Build a REST API to traverse folders/subfolders and documents for achieving tree traversal
  • Configured and implemented the proftpd server for FTP setup for transferring the documents
  • Document management system with hard drive storage (local) on Linux-based server
  • Achieved documents management with cloud storage like AWS S3 buckert, openKm, etc
  • Keycloak OpenID connect authentication along with JWT-based authentication with spring security
  • Java 8+
  • Gradle 7+
  • MongoGB
  • Docker
  • Ngnix
  • Springboot
  • Spring Security
  • Spring webflux
  • Vue.js

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