Yobod is a Fitness Mobile App where users can join anywhere from the world to their favorite trainer and can exercise and can chat with them one to one without even going to the gym.

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Project Summary

The client wanted to develop a fitness app that would allow anyone to connect with their preferred personal trainer from anywhere around the world. Therefore, we created Yobod. Our developer team faced a few challenges. The client wanted the app on all platforms and required different features to be integrated into it. Also, online video streaming was a major part of the app. But we were able to overcome them with the skillful use of PHP, Swift, and Kotlin. In the end, we were able to achieve all the desired results, and the client was quite happy with the outcome.

Mobile Frame
  • The fitness app should avail online video streaming by trainers.
  • For Trainer app - features like Calendar to book schedule live classes for subscribers, workout templates for trainers to design their own, messaging to subscribers.
  • For Client app - Schedule live classes with their preferred trainers, monitor Calories and heart rate using Apple's healthkit features, integrate with Google fit to track performance during the class.
  • Yobod App should be available on multiple platforms.
  • Yobod App should have primary tutorials for subscribers to understand the app & allow content only upon logins.
  • Modules like - Home, Calendar, Virtual gym, chat & profile.
  • Home should allow posting visible to all users, feeds of upcoming classes.
  • Calendar should have scheduling workout class - with details of the class, & allow repetitive occurrence.
  • Virtual gym should have a set of templates, allowing image/ video uploading options.
  • Developing a mobile app that can connect to a central database was proposed to achieve the requirement.
  • OpenTok SDK was proposed for live streaming to provide a flawless user experience.
  • We implemented the Yobod Customer App on both IOS & Android & Trainer App - Ios & Android
  • Live Streaming on scheduled timeline was successfully achieved
  • Subscribing for more than one trainer was implemented
  • Substitute trainers were added in replacement & notified
  • Calorie counts were successfully logged as per the sessions with the help of Health kit & google fit integration
  • Swift
  • Kotlin
  • PHP
Samir Black
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Samir Black

CEO & Founder, Yobod | USA

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