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Project Summary

After methodically working on the Salesforce sales cloud, and creating a Web-To-Lead form, an ultimate CRM was created. Before passing over the finished flow to the client with credentials, it was thoroughly tested to assure outstanding outcomes. Form and features were developed after extensive market research, with special attention paid to making the site user-friendly. Before proposing innovative solutions, Narola Infotech professionals thoroughly understood the client's requirements. Lead Management, Account Management. Opportunity Management and Automation Flow were all praised. This project's implementation was a success, and it made our team more aware of sales cloud implementation!

  • Set up account page layout, and record type to manage accounts in Salesforce and account hierarchy, show parent and child accounts, and import historical data into the account.
  • Set up the contact page layout, and record type to manage contacts.
  • Capture leads directly from the Website. Set up Lead objects, and configure the sales pipeline of Lead.
  • Set up the opportunity, and configure stages, and probability as per the sales process. Manage meetings, phone calls, and tasks to easily find all activities under a record related list.
  • Add products and price matrix under price book, and product object also Import Product
  • Set up Salesforce Mobile App Create users and manage their permission by assigning roles, and Profile as per the use case. Set up an automation process to send email alerts for a reminder.
  • Create dashboards views of all selected products under one opportunity, and display them on the Account Record page Dashboard of Sales performance per month by region, country, brands, reps in revenue, and bottles.
  • Sales pipeline, total revenue opportunities (including stage), top 10 deals regional and local, avg lead time to close.
  • Build Web-To-Lead form to capture leads directly from the Website.
  • Create a sales pipeline of leads and opportunities by understanding business flow and implementing it in Salesforce.
  • Automaton processes to send emails based on business requirements.
  • Create users and manages their accesses as per business requirements.
  • Dashboard of Sales performance per month by region, country, brands, reps in revenue, and bottles.
  • To capture leads directly from the website, Narola Infotech recommends creating a Web-To-Lead form.
  • For lead and opportunity management, Narola proposed a solution to create lead and opportunity record types, as well as different sales pipelines and sets of fields based on business flow.
  • Historical data is required for migration. Narola proposed using a data loader to import data.
  • Narola proposed a solution to set up multicurrency pricing for products, that have multiple currency prices. To send an automated email based on a set of conditions, Narola proposed using flow and process builder to create an automated process.
  • To gain business insights, Narola proposed creating a dashboard and displaying it on the account record page. Narola proposed a solution for branding and configuring, the Salesforce mobile application in order to access Salesforce from a mobile device.
  • After developing a Web-To-Lead form, we are now able to capture leads directly from the website and enter them into Salesforce.
  • By defining record types, sales processes can now easily manage leads.
  • So after the import of all Lead, Account, and Contact data, all old data is available in Salesforce.
  • When criteria are met, an email is sent to the lead's email address, and the lead is converted into an account, contact, or opportunity.
  • By including a dashboard on the account record details page, sales reps can now see all won opportunities as well as all staging.
  • Salesforce programming
  • Sales Cloud
Damith Weerakoon
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The team was clear about how the system worked, Narola team did what was agreed. Completing agreed work on time and within budget can definitely attest to. Very professional and courteous and responsive nevertheless.

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Damith Weerakoon

Director of Sales, Damithmb | Hongkong

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