The concept of Giftzzle is to get the desired gift/s and how to swiftly handle the e-invites. Users can also manage how to contribute to the payment, i.e., via Paypal, credit card, etc. It is mainly focused on how one could easily organize an event, manage invitees for this event and handle payments for the gift from the attendees of this event. Giftzzle makes it sweet and simple as the host of the event adds a list of the presents they would like to have and arrange any celebration with ease and a single click for their dear ones.

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Project Summary

An ultimate product was developed after meticulously working on each segment of the framework and security integrations. Detailed testing took place before handing over the final website to the client with credentials to ensure excellent results. Extensive market research went behind designing the theme, and we took extra care to make the site user-friendly and reliable to use. Professionals at Narola Infotech understood the client's requirements completely before proposing innovative solutions. The elements like category assignment and responsive UI/UX were praised. The implementation of this project was successful, and it made our team more conscious of the global online event management market.

  • A progressive website to gain good traction and engagement from people.
  • Easy navigation to assist people in organizing events and managing further processes.
  • Easy navigation to assist people in organizing events and managing further processes.
  • Easy scheduling of the event via e-invites and email/SMS and also an option for hard-copy invitations.
  • Manage guests' status for invited events.
  • Reliable payment contribution process for the gift.
  • A responsive website with the ability to handle high traffic.
  • It should enable frequent customization without affecting the convenience of a customer.
  • User-friendly and attractive UI for event organizers and visitors of the event.
  • A secure platform to avoid breaches in user data.
  • The ability to assist the host in organizing the events without worrying about arrangements and gifts.
  • Ability to assist guests with a hard-copy invitation to visit the site and participate in the event.
  • Narola Infotech proposed to use Springboot as a backend API framework and Angular 9 for the UI of the website.
  • We also proposed to keep the site updated by frequently revising the core version, theme, and plugins of Angular.
  • The integration of fine security and authentication was proposed via Spring Security.
  • Extensive optimization of the back end was proposed to handle a huge number of visitors.
  • For e-invites, we proposed to send invitations via emails as well as SMS using nexmo
  • We also suggested using some unique identification based on the event for their hardcopy invitation as PDFs for external guests don't belong to the Giftzzle system
  • Narola proposed to manage static images and user avatars with the AWS s3 instead of managing them in DB.
  • Finance application with risk tolerance, accounts, assets, liabilities, portfolios, goals, cash flow, insurance, real estate
  • A dynamic website with easy navigation and friendly UI/UX was developed.
  • It was tested rigorously to be responsive, keeping in mind the high traffic requirement.
  • A top-notch security structure was integrated to avoid setbacks.
  • Verified user management for Giftzzle.
  • User-friendly UI/UX for event organization.
  • A social event creation
  • Handle the invitees and e-invites for all guests of the event.
  • Management of surprise gifts and gift contribution modules related to event organizations.
  • API documentation with the Swagger implementation
  • Java 8+
  • Maven
  • MySQL
  • Springboot
  • Spring Security
  • Hibernate
  • AWS S3 bucket
  • Nexmo
  • Angular 9

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