eNavvi - helping doctors and patients find the best medications eNavvi (helping doctors and patients find the best medications) founded by Simon Chang in 2021.It addresses the problem at the point of prescription; providers need a tool that shows them copays and covered alternatives, ensuring that the provider and patient together find a medication that the patient can afford and will use. eNavvi is that tool.

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Project Summary

After all the efforts and hard-work all client requirements were met. The site was developed as per their vision and is working successfully in the Europe market. Before the site was delivered many aspects have been taken seriously like QA testing, and site optimization. Our developer and the team of Narola Infotech have gone over all the small details and made sure of the client's satisfaction. This project was a super success, and it made our team more aware of how to play with Big Data and helps to understand the European market in medicines!

  • Fast and correct data needs to be searched in a speedy way so users know the right price for the medicines.
  • Remember the last searched drug and the user's location.
  • New blogs for the user which help users to understand medicine in an easy way.
  • In WordPress site applying same search functionality on the blog page header.
  • Collecting user location and loading data location-wise, loading old data with the old searched items.
  • Listing data with accurate results and covered alternatives, sorting them in a classified manner.
  • Applying default filter and loading data with its Group of categories.
  • Speed Optimization to load pages fast and accurately with the right data that the user searches.
  • A website that is responsive and fast to manage big data.
  • It should load the last searched drug and location of the user until the user changes its new location or searched drug.
  • A site that needs to be easy for the user to understand and can navigate flawlessly.
  • WordPress for blog and simple core site to load data fast.
  • Google Location and Map integration
  • We suggested WordPress for site blogs for simple and better management of blogs.
  • For user convenience we proposed Google Location integration to load medicine listing location wise as the Google integration as secure.
  • Website that successfully becomes a medicine library for users in terms of knowing the right price of medicine.
  • The site was assured by our QA, for safer and faster performance.
  • We have completed and have resolved all operations and difficulties carefully without losing the quality and motto of the site.
  • A secure and simple platform has been developed for the site to avoid hitches.
  • Core PHP
  • WordPress
  • Google map location
  • google analytics
Tucker Ward
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Overall had a fantastic experience working with Narola. Job was well done, works well, and customers love it. Easy to work with them as well- highly responsive and adaptable. I would work with them again. Only point for improvement is that sometimes the code structure and logic could be simpler.

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Tucker Ward

Cofounder, eNAVVI | USA

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