Client Company maintain health related information of Geriatrics staying at old age homes. There is a medical team who will take care of each person and will maintain all health status of the person. This information is useful to the doctors for providing better treatment.

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The Healthcare app was required to be built for Doctors & Medical staff in two different languages - English and German. We have developed the Doctors application and also developed another separate version for the staff members.this application helped to maintain the status and update the status without any delay. This helps them to organise their work in a professional and a quickest way. This project was developed in React Native and was launched for iOS in App Stores and for Android in Google Play Store.

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  • Client and his team were facing a challenge in seeing the status of the patients to whom they are providing the treatment.
  • It was difficult for them to track the medications provided to them. At what time, how much quantity, reason for providing medicines was needed so they can treat them further accordingly.
  • Past history, treatment was quite a lengthy process for them to manage in papers.
  • Hence, they decided to digitise this process so each information will be handy and online.
  • The application was needed in two different languages. English and German. We provided an option of Localization so they can easily switch the language from the application.
  • The Doctors and medical team had different types of mobile devices. To develop applications for both iOS and Android was something difficult to maintain at their end. Thus, we have chosen cross platform technology to make things easier for them.
  • Instant status about the health of any patient was needed to reflect in the platform. It was important so the patient can be given the treatment on time. The backend process was planned with fast and trending Node APIs so the system can deal with the speed easily.
  • We have provided language localization features to support two languages.
  • We have recommended Cross Platform technology for the development. React Native was proposed so the same code can be used for both iOS and Android.
  • Real time information was transmitted via the notification services.
  • For the Medical team and for Doctors, this application helped to maintain the status and update the status without any delay. This helps them to organise their work in a professional and a quickest way.
  • Information is on the database so past history is maintained.
  • Doctors can view previous records, treatment and can decide the next treatment for them.
  • Dependency on any other person is minimal as every information is handy and detailed in the application.
  • React Native
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Excellent experience working with them. The project was completed in a timely manner, thank you Narola team for your kind efforts.

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Agustin Sarasua

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