The Crome app allows users to connect to the most advanced security system on the market. Traditional dash-cams simply record all non-events. The P360 contains a 360° camera (located underneath the rearview mirror) that detects any impact or movement of a vehicle and sends a video of the event to our app. Crome also allows users to view multiple screens recorded at any given time.

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Project Summary

The final product was achieved as proposed and satisfied all the requirements of the client. Both business and functional challenges were met by our experts with enthusiastic responsibility! Handing over the registration and complete control of the website and applications was swiftly done. The elements like making video streaming work as expected, responsiveness, and the overall appeal of the application and website were praised. The implementation of this project was successful, and it made our team stronger!

Mobile Frame
  • Integrate Social Logins
  • UI changes in camera detail and listing screen
  • Fix camera live streaming issue on selecting a camera
  • Session issue at the time of login
  • Push notification
  • Pair camera devices by scanning the QR code bound with a particular camera device.
  • Fix live camera streaming issue which is already integrated using Amazon Kinesis Video streams.
  • Once a user is logged in to another device or website, he/she should be logged out from previous devices and clear that session.
  • Integrate audio calling feature between paired cameras and mobile devices
  • Display all recordings done by a particular camera.
  • Narola Infotech proposed the solution by taking over this maintenance application and made a few changes like feature addition, and bug fixes to make it live on the play store and app store. The website for this project was also developed from scratch with all the features integrated into the apps.
  • The development was proposed via ObjectiveC(iOS), Java(Android) and ReactJS(website).
  • Made paired camera LIVE streaming to work fine using Amazon Kinesis Video SDK.
  • Custom calendar integration to view videos recorded by a particular camera on the selected date.
  • Allow users to change camera configurations like dark/night mode etc.
  • The application screens were developed expertly and worked fine with all kinds of iOS and Android devices.
  • Made camera live streaming working like a charm.
  • Utmost care was taken towards keeping the recording secure and scalable.
  • Real-time data storage was achieved.
  • All the functional and operational challenges were met in an estimated time, delivering the finest outcome.
  • iOS(ObjC)
  • Android(Java)
  • Javascript
Thomas Santora
Double Quotes Start

It felt like its my own company - Team has been very responsive, fixing issues in a timely manner to keep mobile app & web app up & running. What a great job team has done, very supportive team, thanks a lot! Great Job completing my IOS APP, great work as always, appreciate the amazing job by the team, highly recommend them!

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Thomas Santora

CEO, Crome Camera | USA

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