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The on-demand taxi app market is expected to reach a whopping $185.1 billion by 2026. There are a lot of reasons for it, a few being convenience, quick service, and instant travel. That makes this a ripe time to invest in this business and reap the result in the future.

You might be curious about how to develop a taxi booking app. And you can get all the information about its benefits and monetization techniques if you click here. However, in this article, we want to discuss the importance of a very critical feature of the entire system- the admin panel.

What is the Admin Panel of a Taxi Booking App

The most important aspect of taxi booking app development is the admin panel. It allows you to manage your entire business activities. You can understand your customers, determine the challenges, and learn about their needs. You can also track and monitor your drivers with a taxi app admin panel.

Every taxi booking app includes passengers and cab drivers. As a result, the app features two versions: one for passengers and one for drivers. The admin panel is a consolidated dashboard that oversees both the passenger and driver panels' actions. It allows you to handle users and drivers, as well as critical operations such as fleet management and cost management. 

Features of the Admin Panel of a Taxi Booking App

This section will discuss all the features of the admin panel. If you hire a taxi app development company, make sure they integrate these features into your admin panel.

Efficient Management

The admin panel contains the details of all the passengers registered on the taxi booking app. Apart from the general personal information, the panel also gives access to other strategically important information about the customer. That includes the number of trips they have taken, the kind of car they prefer, the revenue from each ride, etc.

Similarly, the admin panel also has information about the drivers too. It gives access to the driver’s name, contact information, address, essential documents, etc. Apart from that, the admin can also see the ratings and reviews the drivers have received from the customers. App owners can even check how many hours a driver is working and how much they are earning. 


The admin dashboard gives detailed information on the performance of your business. It contains statistics and analytics on your entire business activities, such as sales, earnings, losses, and costs, among other things. Some admin panels additionally have powerful report tools that you can make with taxi app development, which aggregate all the data into visual presentations.

Location Management

When you are running a business, you need to make sure that all aspects are running smoothly. That includes using all the resources judiciously and ensuring that your employees are working dedicatedly.

To help you with this, the cabs employed in your business will be outfitted with GPS systems that are linked to the admin panel. As a result, you will be able to see the current position of all your cabs and drivers. This allows you to evaluate whether a driver is deviating from the route or idling excessively.

The location management tool also allows you to monitor high-demand locations. In this manner, you may limit activity in areas with low demand while increasing activity in high-demand areas. You can hire any taxi booking app development company to make this feature for you. 


Resource Allocation

The data that the admin panel provides is not just useful for allocating drivers to the right regions. It also helps in identifying areas where you need to ramp up your marketing activities.

For example, if you are getting low demand in the region where you want to establish your brand, you can increase your marketing activities there. Also, if a competitor has more registered users than you in a market you are eyeing, you can offer discounts and offers to attract users to your brand.

This particular point shows the power of the admin panel that you can make with taxi app development and how it can help you turn your business around. The information it provides will help you make informed business decisions that will be valuable for success. 

Determine Rental Fare

One of the services that will help you increase your revenue is the rental service. The admin app gives you the flexibility to decide all the aspects of this service. That includes

  • Deciding the fare
  • Waiting charges
  • Cars available for rent
  • Important guidelines

You can add additional features to the admin app of your business with the help of an expert taxi booking app development company. Customized features will facilitate business growth by increasing user engagement and satisfaction. 

Benefits of the Admin Panel of a Taxi Booking App

This section discusses the benefits of the admin panel owing to its brilliant features that will help your on-demand taxi app business to grow.

Customer Insights

No matter what the business, its success depends on knowing and understanding the target audience. If you fulfill their needs and address their concerns, consider half the battle won. But for that, you need an efficient system in place that provides useful insights about the users.

This is where the admin panel of your Uber clone app comes into play. As people use your app, it collects useful data about them and creates reports that you can use. You find out what issues the users are facing and fix them. You can also determine the features you should add next to improve the experience of users. 

Driver Behavior

If you only focus on how well the drivers are working and ignore their needs, your business will definitely suffer. It is equally important to keep your employees happy, otherwise, they will not hesitate to switch over to your competitors.

The admin panel gives information about the behavior of the driver and the challenges they face. It is important to address both aspects if you want the drivers to continue working for you.

Improved Business Operations

With the information that the admin panel offers, you can find out which areas need more focus. As discussed in the above section, location management and resource management features help in determining the regions to focus on and allocate resources accordingly. Be it personnel or marketing efforts. 

All these features automatically smoothen business operations and make them more efficient. That helps in the growth and success of the on-demand taxi app.

Increased Revenue

The final result of using all the features of the admin panel is why you must have started this business in the first place. And that is increased revenue. If your customers are satisfied, employees are happy, and you are focussing your marketing efforts in the right direction, then nothing can stop your revenue from increasing.

You must never undermine the power of the admin panel. If used right, it can turn your business for good. 

Promotion/Offer Management

Promoting and advertising other brands is a smart way to earn additional income from your uber taxi clone app. From the admin panel, you can run and control all of your adverts and promos. It also enables you to manage and evaluate your campaigns using data such as CTR, conversion rate, and so on.

Even if you wish to offer discounts in certain regions to attract new users, you can do so from the admin panel. 


In Conclusion

Narola Infotech is an award-winning taxi app development company that understands this industry intimately. We have developed similar apps for many clients with a killer admin panel to take care of all their business needs. If you also want to climb the ladder of success in this industry, feel free to contact our experts at any time.

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