Last Updated: September 26, 2023


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Modern technologies have altered not just man-machine connections, but also interpersonal relationships. People are increasingly turning to the internet to seek a lifelong companion. As a result, dating apps, chat rooms, and websites have grown immensely popular in recent years. 

The success of Tinder prompted many people to build a similar app like Tinder. But there is no use in building a dating app that is exactly like Tinder. If you want to develop a Tinder like dating application, there are a few additional features that you must include. 

This article will talk about those features.

New Features that You Can’t Leave Out of Your App Like Tinder


Tinder successfully managed to gamify the concept of online dating. A thrill about this game is physically crossing people that users meet online. So, to make the experience more exciting, Tinder introduced the feature of geolocated encounters.

For users, the geolocated encounter is an intriguing feature. Users can see this crossed-path feature on the other person's profile. When users see the feed, they can see how many times they had encountered the individual in question. If they cross each other many times, it might create a personal bond. This will increase the likelihood of matching with that person.

This feature will operate only when the physical closeness is within a set radius and at a relatively short distance.

Adding this feature to your Tinder clone app will increase engagement and attract more users. This should be one of those features that are a must-have for your app.

Secret Chatting

The whole point to develop a mobile application like Tinder is to connect with people who have similar interests. But the main problem is that the first interaction starts with appearance. 

Users don’t know the person behind that face. So, when two people get matched, they feel hesitant to start a conversation because of privacy concerns. Tinder has addressed this issue by creating a feature called secret chatting. In this feature, the chats only last for a session. Then they disappear.

Even if users share images on chat, they disappear after the session. If one user takes a screenshot of the image, the app notifies the other user about it.

This is one of the most important features of Tinder. It gives users a sense of peace while communicating with another person over the app. Suppose a scammer somehow manages to break past all of Tinder's strict security measures, this feature provides a blanket of security that users can use as per their discretion.

You can also use this feature on your Tinder clone react native app to make it extra safe. Users will be able to interact with other people without worrying, knowing that security measures are in place.

Audio Calling

It is critical that, in addition to interacting with the platform, users communicate with each other when dating. Introduction to audio calling is the next digital step in the dating sector. Tinder is already one step ahead by adding this feature to the app.

Audio calling will provide consumers with a more customized experience. It will give a significant boost to the platform.

Audio calling might be a safe method to communicate with a potential date without disclosing personal information. The app masks the contact while allowing users to conduct audio calls. This ensures that if things don't work out, none of them would disturb or invade the privacy of the other.

In your React native Tinder clone app, you can provide access to the audio call as well as the chat section when users get matched. Apart from that, users should chat for a particular number of days before they get the audio call feature. Users should be able to conduct conference calls if they are looking to connect with a group of individuals.

Video Calling

Connecting with a potential date is what a user looks for in a dating app. However, the first connection depends on outward appearance. In fact, it is based on the photos of that individual. 

But, many times, what users see on the app is not necessarily what they will see in person. Before dating offline, there should be a tool that allows users to video call their dates. That will determine whether or not they want to meet with them in person.

Keeping this in mind, Tinder introduced the video calling feature. Video calling will provide consumers with a more customized experience. It is a significant source of interaction for the platform that users appreciate.

In this too, you can provide access to video calls along with the chat feature after users get matched. Also, users should chat and make voice calls for a given number of days before introducing a video calling feature in your app like Tinder.

Asking Out

Once the app introduces matched users to the chat room, the platform restricts itself. But sometimes they hesitate to initiate the conversation. So, the app should introduce a feature that can help date seekers break the ice. It must encourage them to take their dating to the next level.

For this, the platform can give suggestions for cafés, bars, and restaurants based on the customers' physical vicinity. This may be a business strategy for the site too. They can have the locations listed on the platform for a little fee. Date seekers can obtain promo coupons from the app after they match with each other.

This feature can also be a way to earn money with your Tinder clone app apart from helping people break the ice. Recommending a place to meet will be much appreciated by the users. Giving them coupons and deals is another way to help them be at ease during that first date.

In Conclusion

Building a fantastic dating app necessitates a properly planned development approach. However, many Tinder clone companies are already producing apps without conducting adequate research or following rigorous planning procedures. This is important to establish a dating app development strategy.  

If you are looking to build an app like Tinder, our team of specialists at Narola Infotech will grasp your dating business's expectations and objectives. You can expect transparent communication and regular updates about the development process. We will devise a unique method to produce a top-notch Tinder clone solution for you!

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