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How Narola Infotech designed and built the Zombie Blow Mobile Game App.

Client Profile

The Client name is Andri Yansen (Ansen Interactive) The client mission was to develop a children friendly Zombie Game, and thus came the idea of Zombie Blow Mobile Game which works on cross platforms.

Company Profile

Ansen Interactive

Ansen Interactive is a Mobile Game development company which provides several games with different features and modes on the different Platforms such as Android & iOS etc ie Playstore and AppleStore.

Narola Infotech

Narola Infotech is a Information Technology based Outsourcing company which provides Software solutions, Technical Solutions of the complex business problems and needs. Narola infotech serves vast number of services like Enterprise Service , Web Development , Mobile App and Game Development serving in all domains and technologies.

Client Needs/Challenges

Business Needs

  • The Mobile Game App should be responsive and should attract numerous attention.
  • Should be easily available and should be affordable and should get best ratings and reviews.
  • Should reach maximum number of people and should generate revenue easily.
  • The game should receive maximum downloads and users/players.

  • The Mobile Game App should be available on multiple platforms.
  • The Mobile Game App should be easily customizable with interactive and user friendly UI UX.
  • The Mobile Game App should be available for all age groups with minimal violence and shouldn’t be overkill. Should contain Leaderboard for multiplayer statistics.
  • There should be multiple levels and stages with Graphical grid and Picture representation in the Arcade Mode as well should have infinite survival mode.
  • The data size of the Game App was very large. And the Textures & Graphics had errors.

Functional & Operational Challenge

Proposed Solution

  • Narola Infotech proposed the solution and suggested to use Unity 3D (Cross Platform Game Engine) for the multiple/cross platform functionalities and capabilities.
  • Use of Unity Analytics to analyze and record and maintain/observe the data of the System.
  • The use of MonoDevelop, an open source integrated development environment for Linux, macOS, and Windows for Scripts.
  • The Restructured images and setting up into Unity3D and Re import of the Assets helped in Reducing the Size of the App build and also helps in resolving the Texture and Graphics errors.
  • The use of AI bot players and multiple player leaderboard and Arcade mode with multiple levels and Survival mode, saving the civilians etc features were added into the game.
  • The Proposed system was able to solve the issues and needs of the client such as Custom design and UI and multiple platform availability and support.

  • The game App was responsive and attracted numerous attention and users.
  • The Game App was interactive and user friendly.
  • The Proposed system was able to solve the issues and needs of the client such as Custom design and UI and multiple platform availability and support.
  • The Mobile Game App was suitable for all age groups with minimal violence and contained Leaderboard for multiplayer statistics.
  • Keeping the data size of the Game App to minimum was achieved, and the Textures & Graphics errors were resolved.
  • The levelwise Arcade mode and Survival mode and saving the Civilians etc features were successfully implemented.
  • The Cross Platform ability of the App was achieved and Data maintenance was successful.
  • The UI UX of the system was easy to be used by children.

Objectives Achieved

Technologies/Resources Used

Cross Platform Game Engine:


Approx Hours:



The Proposed System was able to satisfy and achieve the desired objectives and requirements of the client such as Interactive Game, Children friendly UI and all the functionalities as well as multiple user Leaderboard and cross platform ability.The objective of keeping the Size of the game built to be minimum was achieved and all the graphical and texture etc errors were resolved. The business needs were also achieved and the data management and system management was also achieved. The objective of children friendly Zombie game with minimal Violence was achieved. The Games arcade, survival and Saving the Civilians etc modes and AI generated bots and leaderboard etc were added into the Game.The Zombie Blow Game App was successfully deployed and implemented into multiple cross platforms devices.

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