February 1, 2021

Leena Sanap


We are regularly asked by new clients for what valid reason they ought to utilize WordPress rather than free blogging administrations like WordPress.com or Blogger? WPBeginner is the biggest asset site for WordPress fledglings, so clearly we support WordPress over other blogging stages. In this article, we will do a WordPress versus Blogger correlation with help you choose which one is better for your requirements. We will cover all WordPress versus Blogger advantages and disadvantages, so you can settle on the best choice when it comes Blogger vs WordPress as a stage for your site.


Blogger is a blogging administration gave by the tech mammoth Google. It is free, solid more often than not, and entirely enough to distribute your stuff on the web. In any case, it is not claimed by you. Google runs this administration and has the privilege to close it down, or shutdown your entrance to it whenever.

With WordPress, you utilize a WordPress facilitating supplier to have your own site. You are allowed to choose to what extent you need to run it and when you need to close it down. You possess every one of your information, and you control what data you impart to any outsider.


Blogger is an adjusted administration with exceptionally restricted instruments permitting you to perform just particular assignments on your website. The things you can do on your blogspot blog are constrained, and it is extremely unlikely you can stretch out them to address an issue.

WordPress is an open source programming, so you can undoubtedly stretch out it to include new components. There are a large number of WordPress modules permitting you to adjust and broaden the default highlight set, for example, adding a store to your website, making portfolio, and so on.

At the point when contrasting WordPress versus Blogger for business websites, then WordPress is pass on the best long haul answer for any genuine entrepreneur.


Blogger of course just gives a restricted arrangement of templates to utilize. You can change the colors and format of these templates utilizing the worked as a part of apparatuses, yet you can’t make your own particular designs or make alterations. There are some non-official Blogger templates accessible, yet those templates are typically low quality.

There are a great many free and premium WordPress subjects which permit you to make proficient looking websites. There is a WordPress subject for pretty much every sort of website. Regardless of what your site is about, you will discover a lot of astounding subjects which are anything but difficult to alter and modify.


Moving your site from Blogger to an alternate stage is a muddled errand. There is a critical hazard that you will lose your SEO (web index rankings), endorsers, and devotees amid the move. Despite the fact that blogger permits you to trade your substance, your information will remain on Google’s servers for quite a while.

Utilizing WordPress, you can move your site anyplace you need. You can move your WordPress site to another host, change area name, or even move your site to other substance administration frameworks.

Additionally in the event that you think about WordPress versus Blogger SEO, then WordPress offers far more SEO favorable circumstances.


Utilizing Blogger you have the additional favorable position of Google’s strong secure stage. You don’t have to stress over dealing with your server’s assets, securing your blog, or making reinforcements.

WordPress is entirely secure, yet since it is a self facilitated arrangement you are in charge of security and reinforcements. There are a lot of WordPress modules that make it less demanding for you.


There is constrained support accessible for Blogger. They have an exceptionally fundamental documentation and a client’s gathering. As far as support, your decisions are extremely constrained.

WordPress has an exceptionally dynamic group support framework. There is online documentation, group gatherings, and IRC chatrooms where you can get assistance from experienced WordPress clients and engineers. Aside from group support, there are numerous organizations offering premium support for WordPress. Look at our guide on the best way to legitimately request WordPress support and get it.

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