What Would be Next in Android?

We all know that Google has already announced its next android version, named as Android Nougat 7.0. It is available for some of the Google Nexus devices and Android One Sets, as of now, but will be available for other devices as well by the end of the year or at the very beginning of the next year. Almost, everybody knows about this part of the information, but what most of the people don’t know is – this version of android will serve as the test version of android upcoming biggest changes. Yes! This is damn true that android is coming with ultra-dynamic changes in its next version, which will also marked as ‘10th annual celebration of Android’ platform.


Now, when we have leaked the most happening information about the upcoming android version, you will be eager to know – what could be the next in Android phones? To bring out the same for you, we had put on our research wings to get you the most factual estimation. Have a look at the list:

A dip in the pool of VR – Virtual reality would be part of android phone quickly yes. The upcoming version will completely support the trending VR technology. And you may also witness several upgrades to the technology in the upcoming version. It is also believed that android developers team is working to get the utmost real experience to the user through VR technology.

Retina Control – In future, you may not require your hands to operate the android phones, the eye gesture could do the same. Android is working on Retina control technology, so that user can operate the phone with the moves of the retina from the safe distance of near about 7 inches.

Virtual Dictionary – It will help the users in typing the text and mail. Unlike the common dictionary, which shows the auto correct things, it will show the full sentences matching with your first word. However, initially – it may not work that good, but as soon it will turn your typing behavior – it will give most helpful suggestion. With this, you will be able to type your messages and emails fast.

Smile or Gesture Capture – It is a big thing for selfie lovers. In the next version, you will be able to select the gestures in your favorite pic and store the same in ‘gesture capture’ section of the android phone. So, further whenever you will have that gesture on your face and your android phone under vicinity to witness it – it will automatically click your picture. Isn’t it interesting?

These can be the major changes in the upcoming android phone. However, nothing is officially announced by the Android app development team, but still we can consider this rumors to be true in next version.


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