Client Profile

TweakTown is a success story and an enduring one at that. The leading international online computer publication has attracted over 200,000,000 visitors; and is the trusted source for Technology related information for users in North America and around the world.

TweakTown continues to register accelerated growth adding reviews of more products, building new features, making the site even more useful and in the process draws ever increasing traffic.

To provide uninterrupted and pleasant experience to the huge traffic,  TweakTown entrusted Narola Infotech with the website’s enhancements and maintenance.

Website :

Client Needs/Challenges

As one of the world’s most popular tech websites, TweakTown is visited by many tens of thousands of visitors a day from around the globe and round the clock. The company has testing labs and offices in Australia, UK, Taiwan and several in the United States which frequently add and modify the site’s content and features.

TweakTown enlarged its focus to Smartphones, tablets, laptops, computer systems and other gadgets. A new wave of different kinds of users is using the tech-site placing additional and varied demands.

Such a frenetic scenario doesn’t allow even short-duration downtime for adding enhancements or taking up maintenance. The job has to be carried out in live conditions.

Journey of Success

Narola assigned a team of MySQL and PHP coders and developers who have strong skills and experience in this area to manage/maintain the site.

The actual work is not re-building the site as it’s built with quite advanced technologies. Narola Developers made better use of various available features or re-coded the functionalities, where necessary, to improve the site’s performance.

Given the torrential traffic, the site had tended to become sluggish. The glitches are now eliminated so that the site is now highly responsive.

As a part of ongoing maintenance, Narola’s team continuously optimizes the site.

Success Value Delivered

  • Maintenance and feature enhancement costs are reduced.
  • Benefits are achieved without expensive investment on additional technologies.
  • The website is now pretty fast, navigation is easy and provides superior visitor experience.

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