5 Top iPad Apps for Business People

5 Business Apps That Your iPad Should Have

Though, iTunes has ‘n’ number of business apps but it is difficult to choose better among them. Thus, we have come up with help guide to assist you in choosing better iPad app for your business that along with working well with iPad features and function can also turn productive for your biz.

Dragon Dictation

It often becomes tacky and irritating when you have write lots of mail in less number of time or let say when you have to respond over a mail immediately while you are driving or having dinner at home. In all such cases and other additional, you can take help of Dragon Dictation which help you in typing the mail.. You just need to dictate the mail to the app, and rest all will be done by the app itself. It also type the mail or message quicker than one can can normally do it.


The most loved and used text app is undoubtedly Microsoft Word. The wonderful thing is it is available on iPad. You can do a lot many thing with word, like making a new document, editing an existing one and a lot other things. It also keep you away from the unnecessary option that might trouble your speed.


It is crucial for every business individuals to keep the record of the monthly expenditure so that at the end of the month, you can calculate – how much worth expenses did you make and how much money went into vain. Mint help in managing your money expenses. It keeps the record of the total many you expensed in a day and how your monthly expenditure look like. It helps you in spending your money in the right and worthful direction.


A businessman has to do a lot of things on the go. In case you have to watch a PPT on the move or need to edit the same, you can always take the help of Slideshark. It has a lot number of editing and viewing option that makes your PPT watching and editing experience quite good. It can also help you in the meeting where projectors are not available and you need to make the clients understand about a few things.

Roambi Analytics

We often use spreadsheet to store and analyze crucial information, but it becomes a hack when you need to have insight from lot many spreadsheets. In this particular case, Roambi analytics can be helpful as it analyze and show the information in better as well as understandable manner and also do not make it complicate to understand. It is simple, better and with good visualization.

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