Top iMessage Apps for iOS 10

Much awaited version of iOS finally appeared in the market yesterday, and the best thing is – it is fully loaded with the surprises and amazing features. One of the major changes that platform has seen is third party integration on iMessages. This could be a game changer for Apple mobile devices. iOS dev have now one more area to show their expertise.

Now, when third party integration is available, we took a dig on the hot apps that require a download considering the update. Let’s have a look:


OpenTable App – This app can help you in reserving a table at your favorite restaurant or at the one nearby your place. It can be most useful apps when you have to book a table at last minute in your-type restaurant. Also, it provides you rewards points whenever you reserve a table on it. They do not comply any charges for the table booking.

Genius – Are you music lover and a singer at heart? Genius app is mind blowing music app that show you lyrics, let you watch the video and listen to your favorite tracks. It also provide several cool information about the track you are listening.

Words with Friends – Are you hanging out with your friends and travelling by a train and you want to have some fun? If yes, then you should give ‘Words with Friends’ a try. This app let you play the crossword game along with your friends. You can check the knowledge & IQ of your friend through the app and if you are intelligent, then you can display your smartness here.

Game Pigeon – So do you wanna have fun with your bestie or cousin or your long time GF, then switch to game pigeon. This app has collection of the most love two player games, including – 8-Ball, Anagram, Poker etc. So, you can play any of these game with your mate and can enjoy the free time at its best.

In addition, if you are looking for some personalized apps then you can for iOS application development and can get the app designed of your choice.


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