February 10, 2022


Ifrah Khan


Tinder clone app development is taking the world by storm. This is because the majority of single people looking to date are doing so from the comfort of their homes. This is not only convenient, but time-efficient, and safe. 


It’s also beneficial for the dating app development industry since these businesses increase their capacity and can hire dating app developers. Thus, this also offers investors and app owners more options when developing their own app like Tinder.

What Is Tinder Clone Plus?

The Tinder clone plus app is a clone version of the original Tinder app built using most of the features the original app offers. The Tinder clone app can offer various premium features. Features include unlimited swiping, rewinding a previous swipe, unlimited likes,  five super likes a day, many boosts a month, etc.

There are various benefits to using Tinder Plus, and these also apply to a Tinder clone app. Let us take a look to see how it helps you grow your Tinder clone app’s audience. 

Unlimited Swiping

It is not unusual that you sit on the couch at the end of the day and begin swiping. Only to realize you cannot swipe anymore because you are out of swipes! This is not the case with an app like Tinder. The dating app development company can incorporate unlimited swiping to get and retain more customers, which will positively impact your business. 

Rewinding The Last Swipe

Users of the Tinder clone app often unintentionally swipe the wrong way! In the free version of the app, there is no way to rewind this action. However, this is not the case with the Tinder clone plus app. Rewinding the last swipe can be possible with Tinder clone plus.

Tinder Clone Plus Passport

This feature is extremely beneficial for users who are frequent travelers.  It allows you to meet people and their potential partners in different locations of the world. The passport feature is a good way to get introduced to the local residents using the app. 

Developers working at a dating app development company must definitely consider this option when creating an app like Tinder.

Unlimited Likes

Just like how the free version of the Tinder app has limited swipes, it also has restricted likes. Developers of a dating app development company can code the Tinder clone plus app to give users unlimited likes. 

Unlimited likes is a top feature that can be used to attract and retain new and existing customers. This way, they will definitely upgrade to the Tinder clone plus app. 

Five Super Likes A Day

While it’s beneficial for users to get the option of unlimited likes, they will appreciate five super likes daily. An expert on Tinder plus can use this feature to attract more attention from that special someone. They can do this with a super like by telling them that they want to date them.

Many Boosts A Month

When there are too many users with dating profiles in an area, a profile may hit the bottom of the list. A boost helps a profile to be displayed at the top of the list in the special recommendations section. Fans of Tinder plus will love this feature since they will get more requests from people wishing to date them. 

Final Words

The Tinder clone plus app provides benefits that your users will find useful and worthwhile for the money they are paying. Every dating app development company should take advantage of this while creating a Tinder clone app. 

Apart from all these exciting features, users of the Tinder plus app version can also avail an ad-free experience!

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