February 3, 2021

Leena Sanap


In this era of automation and artificial intelligence, innovations centred around making existing things scalable and flexible are taking place continuously. Recently, IoT has made it possible to communicate over a network without human or computer interaction.

IoT devices are used to store and monitor data according to a set of instructions. A recent survey reveals that there are approximately 30 billion IoT devices today. Their market value is bound to reach 7.71 trillion by the year-end.

An IoT Kit is designed for the rapid development of IT solutions. The IoT development kit typically comprises breadboards, extension boards, jumper wires, batteries, sensors, power supplies, and actuators.

IoT technology is used for automation. An IoT development company like Google aims to bring smarter IoT devices aligned to artificial intelligence. Choosing a single IoT Kit amongst the range of options available can be difficult. Some of the best ones are listed below:

Which IoT starter kit Can Serve Your Needs?

1. Grove Maker Kit for Intel Joule

If you're a developer who wants to enhance their project and build your prototype fast, this is the IoT starter kit for you. It will enable you to get started with the high-performing development board Intel Joule quickly. The rich hardware and in-built Linux system of this dev board will immensely help developers to publish the prototyping to the market.

The IoT Kit consists of a grove bash shield for the board. You can add 13 grove modules for the joule. Thus, If you already have the joule board and aim to build a prototype for your project quickly, the Grove Maker kit is perfect for you.

2. SparkFun IoT starter kit

If you’re a novice in the world of IoT tools and devices, SparkFun is the recommended IoT Kit for you. It is developed around the Blynk board. It has USB, Ethernet, and WiFi, and an account to the Blynk server. But you can set up your server too. Thus, you can use the Blynk application with IoS or Android.

You can develop many automation projects using this IoT Kit as it consists of several sensors, LEDs, resistors, and pocket screwdriver set. It is the most useful no-code and economical IoT starter kit.

3. Grove IoT Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi

This IoT development kit facilitates an easy building of IoT projects on Raspberry Pi. The IoT Kit includes GrovePi+ Cape that works on Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Core and is compatible with both Raspberry Pi 3 and 2. It offers a dynamic platform for you to begin your IoT journey. The IoT starter kit comes replete with an HDMI Display of 5 inches and an RGB LCD with a backlight. It works equally well on Microsoft Azure.

4. MakerFocus Development Board Kit

It is a Microsoft Azure certified IoT development kit that connects easily while ensuring security. The kit comprises a central nucleus, USB cable, Mount, DuPont line, Stickers, and a manual on its working. The small device offers a high level of scalability.

This IoT Kit can be used for many purposes, camera, recording pen, timer circuits, being a few of its uses. Its code is easily downloadable in SDK format. Thereafter, it can be applied to various IoT devices. However, the IoT development kit can become a bit complicated for beginners to handle.

5. Particle Maker IoT Kit

This IoT development kit will help you to begin designing IoT projects with all the requisite components that it has. You can create four documented projects for prototyping along with 250 more projects with this kit.

Components like jumper wires, LEDs, resistors, capacitors, breadboards, transistors, USB cable, controller chip, power supply, and SD card can be found in this IoT Kit. It only takes a few minutes to install and can be comfortably used by the developers. The only drawback of this IoT starter kit is that it’s a bit expensive compared to others.

6. Particle Argon IoT development kit

This IoT development kit can be used as a wifi gateway or a node. Equipped with processors like Nordic nRF52840 and Espressif ESP32, this IoT Kit has built-in LiPo charging circuitry.

For programming and debugging it has flash memory and an SWD connector. The kit is capable of executing complex IoT tasks with its in-built RF chips and ARM processor. Hence, many big commercial operators are using the particle system.

7. AT&T IoT starter kit

The high-quality IoT development services provided by AT&T are well-known in the electronics and technology sector. The IoT starter kit consists of microcontroller board, USB cable, SIM card, SD card, and connecting wires.

Its open-source SDA connection enables the developers to create a cloud-based environment. It consists of elements needed to assemble data and connect to the AT&T network for storage and analysis of the IoT device. Although a bit expensive, its reliability, portable design, and compatibility with the Raspberry Pi board gives it an edge.


There are a range of possibilities that you can uncover if you choose the correct IoT kit. The ones mentioned above are representative of numerous IoT development kit capabilities. Building IoT projects becomes a lot easier with them.

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