Top 10 Sources from Where Python Programming Can be Learned

Top 10 Sources from Where Python Programming Can Learn

Python Programming, as of now, is considered as the robust programming languages. In near about 17 Years of its existence, the language has changed a lot. But, with each update, it has become better. The last few releases of the python have pushed it among the front line of the programming dialects. With language offering so much to the web world, it is equally important to Hire Developers In python development to get the best of it. Here, we are up with a list of top 10 resources that can give intermediate programmers a lot to learn.

1) The Python Reference Language

Python has always lacked in having a better official resource. But with web cum book, the problem is solved for once and all. It drives you deeper into the significant part of the language. However, the guide is for the experienced developers who are fresh in python development.

2) Python Essential Reference

The book is a gem for the experience software developers who are looking ahead to learn python, effectively. This book come with a new edition after every successful release of latest python version. For the last version, the book will be available in 2019.

3) Intermediate Python Presentations

It is actually a web page having a list of the presentations on various topics and subjects. But these presentation are so well designed that they provide complete knowledge of that particular subject. They show the real world use of the Python Programming Language as an example.

4) Python Practice Projects

If you are a newbies to Python Programming and want to learn it with small project, then this website is best for you. It enable you to learn through practicing the project. There are several module examples available here and you can choose the one as per your convenience.

5) Code Triage

The books and websites can help you in learning Python Programming Language. But the real challenge is to work on the live projects. If you are done with learning python and want to check your skills, then this is most deserved platform as they will put you in the live projects or queries to solve.

6) /r/ Learn Python

There are two authenticated section on Reddit that can help you learn python, namely – /r/ Python and /r/ Learn Python. But if you believe the masses, you must go with the latter one as it is far more better to get you among the best possible way of learning the language.

7) Effective Python

Python Programming Book can be learned via many ways. To help you further, this book provides 59 ways to write Python code effectively. These 59 ways are divided into chapters with each one ably making you learn the best way to write certain modules or functions with proper example.

8) Python Module of the Week

The name says it all – the website take one module from library each week and provide you learning for the same with examples. The libraries of Python are numerous and thus, it is the best way to make programmers learn about different modules and that too one at a time.

9) Python Tutor

If you have learned Python and yet often make mistakes. And, if your code generate errors but you have no idea why that happened, then this website can assist you. It takes a line of code and visibly show what is happening when it is executed and thus,, you get to know about your errors more clearly.

10) Fluent Python

If you want to become ace programmer of the Python, then Fluent Python is the book you need. This book is for intermediate to experienced Python programmers. Therefore, beginners may not like it. But it has a lot to offer to its categories of readers.

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