February 3, 2021


Leena Sanap


The future of the software industry is hugely being impacted by advanced technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things) AI (Artificial Intelligence) Virtual reality and many more. Generally, people relate IoT with the interconnected Apple watch and mobile applications. Now almost everything runs through the IoT development platform.

What Is the IoT Platform?

A multi-layer technology that manages several connected devices is known as IoT, and the IoT platform is a crucial component for the IoT ecosystem.

Components of the IoT System:

IoT platforms work as the support software to connect everything in an IoT system and to facilitate data flow, device management, communication, and application's functionalities.

Types of Internet of Things(IoT) Development Platforms -

  • Cloud
  • Data
  • Connectivity


Most of the business is adopting the IoT-oriented internal business units to build a smart connected atmosphere and to reduce the workflow.

An IoT development company develops sustainable IoT solutions by employing IoT development platforms. Based on the effectiveness, efficiency, customer base, usage versatility, we are listing a few Best IoT App Development Platforms to continue in 2020 and later on.

1. Microsoft Azure IoT Suite -

Microsoft Azure IoT Suite is an IoT development platform and has a wide range of services which include Machine learning, IoT, Stream Analytics, Power BI, and others. As the best IoT development platform, it facilitates clients with a range of functions and features, integrating collections of data elicited from connected devices. To store large data sets, back-office system integration, display information, and for management of devices board, it analyzes in-motion data streams precisely.

Microsoft Azure is a cloud service that offers a set of features and customizes to help in developing any solutions based on specific project prerequisites.

Azure IoT development platform can help you get the most grounded security features, simple framework combinations with versatility, and permits you to associate with integrated data analytics, and to use IoT information for AI.

Features -

  • It provides an open platform to develop a robust application.
  • It provides secure connectivity using industry-standard protocols and security approaches.
  • Advanced analytics allow customers to unlock key insights from their IoT data.
  • Can be used easily by beginners as well as by experts.


2. IRI Voracity -

IRI Voracity platform is well known as the best IoT development platform and can be used for integration, migration, data discovery, and analytics and bends the multi-tool cost, difficulty, and risk curves away from mega vendor ETL packages, and specialized software. It can transform, report, and anonymize device data streaming through Kafka or MQTT. It also controls data in every stage of the user lifecycle and extracts maximum value from it.

Features -

  • Connects with several data sources.
  • Integration and federation.
  • Runs on Linux, Unix, and Windows platforms.
  • Migrates, replicates, subsets, and otherwise leverages IoT data for archival, data lakes, analytics, and playbooks.
  • Masking and encryption


3. IBM Watson -

As one of the best IoT development platforms, IBM Watson implies different things with IoT integration and solutions & experienced created by Artificial Intelligence, make it different from others. It supports remote device control and helps to capture and investigate devices data, machines, equipment with effective risk management, and security features help to make better decisions. It allows developers to optimize connectivity, data management, and real-time information analysis with effective risk-management and security features.

Features -

  • This IoT development platform provides flexible solutions.
  • Permits expansion and association of devices.
  • Capture real-time data.
  • AI and Analytics.
  • Secure and versatile execution
  • Handle different communication protocols


4. Oracle IoT -

In our list of best IoT development platforms, Oracle IoT is notable. As it connects devices to the cloud, provides database management, performs huge data analysis in real-time from these devices, and performs data integration using enterprise applications or web services. It supports integration for both Oracle and non-oracle applications and gives excellent business openings. However, doctype is required to use the Oracle IoT Cloud Service Management Console on Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Features -

  • As an IoT development platform, it allows creating an IoT application connecting devices with Android, iOS, JavaScript, and others.
  • Supports the development of incredibly large amounts of data and subsequently facilitating enterprises with immense scope.
  • It has features such as device virtualization, high-speed messaging, and endpoint management to connect.


5. Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT Core -

It helps devices to connect with the cloud and is a managed cloud service. It is the best IoT development platform trending in the year 2020 and will continue for the coming years too. Due to its extraordinary versatility, it offers a minimal effort framework platform in the cloud. Its cost-adequacy, remarkable IoT development service, and adaptability make this platform appreciated by large IoT development companies. AWS features such as support for HTTP, lightweight communication protocol, and MQTT makes it outstanding among software developers.

Features -

  • This IoT development platform assures a versatile and safe application.
  • Adaptable and cost-effective
  • Reliable and secure platform to route the messages to devices including AWS endpoints
  • Provides a secure device access


6. Cisco IoT Cloud Connect -

Cisco is a beneficial platform for mobile cloud-based IoT solutions. It will fully optimize and utilize the network and provide IoT solutions for networking, data management, and security.

Features -

  • Leverage adaptability alternatives on mobile applications and client experience.
  • Granular and real-time visibility.


7. Samsung Artik Cloud -

As one of the top IoT platforms, it provides the best IoT development services for hardware, software, and cloud services and products such as FitBit, Amazon Echo, Automatic works with Artik cloud.

Features -

  • Offers built-in privacy management
  • Monitor the connectivity of devices in the cloud.


8. Salesforce IoT -

This IoT platform can help you to transform all data, generated by the customers, partners, devices, and sensors into relevant actions.

Features -

  • Allows test business ideas without programming.
  • Using RESTful API, you can import data from any source.
  • Real-time traffic view


9. Particle -

With the help of three main products: three products such as Cellular, Wi-Fi, and Mesh, Practical provides the best IoT solutions for hardware, connectivity, device cloud, and apps. Opti can also use it for training its weather casting product.

Features -

  • Provide a robust and reliable infrastructure.
  • Provides the firewall-protected cloud.
  • Can work with data even if it is on Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, etc.


10. Altair SmartWorks -

It provides an end-to-end IoT platform and can use the platform as a service. It helps a user to connect devices, collect data, manage devices and data, and build and run the app with outstanding features such as Listeners, rules, custom alarms, device management, and more.

Features -

  • Has an open architecture.
  • Easy connectivity with devices like sensors, gateways, machines, etc.



According to Gartner's report, almost 95% of products are predicated on using IoT technology and apps in the coming years with some excellent executions. In recent times every device is somehow utilizing the internet to generate data and information. You can choose any best IoT development platform to enhance the competitiveness of business enterprises with IoT applications.

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