Last Updated: October 9, 2023


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Fleet management is a system that allows companies invested in vehicle business to minimize the risks related to mobility. It is achieved by increasing efficiency and productivity to get better ROI (Return On Investment) as well as assure safety.

The fleet industry has been growing rapidly and it is necessary to keep track of advancements in the fleet management system. It has turned into a multi-billion industry as fleet management services have gained appreciable importance in the world.

Businesses today have more fleet solutions than ever before. New fleet management software is more efficient and has significantly decreased the risks associated with the automotive industry.

Here are the top trends to keep an eye on:

Data Security:

The security of data has been a chief concern of fleet executives as it is more accessible than ever. To lower the risk of a data breach, certain steps towards securing sensitive information were necessary.

The connectivity of vehicles via technologies like GPS, electronic logging devices (ELDs), and telematics has increased substantially. The fleet management software has made it simpler for fleet managers to get a comprehensive look at the functions and safety of a vehicle to make informed decisions.

These productive tools have brought massive improvements over the evaluation from the past, automated fleet data can be unsafe. Management of this data through a cloud-based fleet management system solves this issue by encrypting the data. To achieve internal safety fleet managers should control user permission levels, frequently change passwords, and update the software to decrease risks.


Several fleets utilize some form of telematics tool for tracking vehicles but there are some managers still not using the fleet management service to its fullest scope. Telematics would be of core importance in the industry as managers continue to use data to improve their fleet.

The vehicle tracking system provides a proactive approach to fleet management by giving real-time updates. This ensures that managers remain active because of immediate alerts and can start the maintenance procedure as soon as needed.

There are four benefits to telematics namely productivity, safety, management, and compliance. It eliminates hours of data entry work and decreases the margin of error in terms of accuracy.

This fleet management system helps a business track and improve efficiency as well as safety. Telematics enables the insurer to monitor drivers’ behavior and manage risks. It can also control the cost by reducing fuel consumption and extending maintenance intervals for parts like tires and brakes.

Autonomous Vehicles:

Autonomous technology is one of the most trending fleet management system trends. Today this technology is not limited to just R&D drawing boards and computer systems. Manufacturers are investing substantial time in developing AV and the possibilities have made managers excited.

With the use of GPS and 5G wifi, in the upcoming future, more and more fleets would start connecting on a virtual cloud through constant communication and data sharing. This fleet management software would be able to identify and diagnose any problem that affects efficiency. It will also help a vehicle reach its highest potential and avoid on-road hazards.Fleets managers see AV technology as a means to give safer options to the driver. Even the semi-automated version would give opportunities to the operator to complete their tasks.

Camera Systems:

This fleet management system of building in-cabin and road-facing video cameras has been adopted by many companies. It helps in providing evidence after a collision and also improves driver coaching.

There are various examples to prove the unparallel excellence of this system. Taking ‘Lytx’ for example, it offers both video solutions and fleet telematics on one platform making it perfect for driver safety, risk detection, compliance, and fuel management for various fleets.

Furthermore, ‘Driveri’ is a solution that links AI (Artificial Intelligence), edge computing, and video to gain best practices and deliver feedback to the driver. To promote safe driving, a fleet management software named ‘GOCAM’ captures 360-view video and audio both inside and outside at high resolution.

At last, there’s ‘Trimble Video Intelligence” made for commercial vehicles. It is a 360-view video system that integrates into Geotab Maps which helps drivers view requested footage from the MyGeotab portal.

Mobile Forms:

Thanks to user-friendly technologies, piles of paperwork and illegible sheets/forms would be a thing of the past. A fleet management system with customizable forms, automatic completion, and geo-stamping helps in receiving accurate paperless results. The most amazing thing about this being that the data stored can be used for long-term analysis and reference.

‘Acsoft’s Encore’, one of the solutions, allows enterprises to engage with and track their employees on the go. This fleet management software helps managers to easily communicate with workers on the job eliminating manual forms.

The second product being ‘Pronto Form’s Mobile Forms’, a low code enterprise-grade application. It can be integrated with Geotab and many other cloud-based systems. It removes paper forms and allows drivers to embed rich media, annotations, videos, and audio recordings.

Asset tracking:

As time goes by, owners of fleets equipped with tech would gain better visibility over the proceedings. The tracking systems would enable managers to know the status of their vehicles as well as assets. This will give them a better chance to recover if an asset is lost, broken, or stolen.

A product like Flex’s Solar Powered Trailer Tracker helps keep a check on trailers, containers, and generators. The data is analyzed to keep customers informed of the status and avoid unexpected malfunctions

To conclude, it is good to see that we are moving towards an efficient, paperless, and safe future. In the world of fleet management systems, it is invaluable to have a way to connect to drivers in real-time and gather data no-matter where the vehicle is. The future is exciting to look forward to.


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