As with every web-related bright spark, Narola is expert at TeamLab. We took up its integration and customization right from the days of its release. TeamLab is a versatile productivity tool, your full-fledged office on the Cloud. For over 100,000 users, individuals and businesses, it is now the way to manage projects and do it effectively.

What is TeamLab?

TeamLab is an open source, free to use Content Management System. The software is compatible with Amazon EC2 and S3 and hosted on Amazon servers. Being web based, the software as well as the content created with it remains available 24×7, accessible from any part of the world.

Without going through Emails and FTP and other convoluted steps, members can create, edit, download and transmit information from wherever they are.

TeamLab saves you time and improves productivity.

Do it with TeamLab – Features

‘Full-fledged’ is truly meaningful here. With TeamLab, you can:

  •  Manage Documents, Presentations, Spreadsheets and other types of content
  •  Create, Edit, Store Content in TeamLab
  •  Embedded content in

It takes just a single click to publish the revised info and set access restrictions all in one go.

Latest Features:

Now, TeamLab documents are compatible with Microsoft Open Office XML. Save your documents with DOCX, XLSX, PPTX file extensions and be as happy as using MS Office.

Cool feature that has come in is the facility to use Japanese and Korean languages in TeamLab.

True Businesslike

If you believe that Project management is best achieved milestone by milestone, then TeamLab is for you. Organize and manage teams and business work flow task by task. The features include Milestone Management, Employees Management, Time Tracking, Reports and Discussions.

Improve Business Collaboration using the software’s opportunities: Post Blogs, upload Photos, create Bookmarks and Wikis. Managing participative Forums, News & Events is far easier.

And, with built-in Instant Messaging capability, TeamLab keeps all members in the group connected seamlessly.

Narola Team’s Role:

Here is how Narola customizes this wizard, for you to experience all the in-built benefits.

Teamlab Installation Consultancy Services

TeamLab is free either as Software as a Service (SaaS,) or open source for download. You can have your own self-hosted copy.

Narola helps you to install and configure TeamLab on your own servers.

Just like our other web services, we have ensured that TeamLab configuration is economical, fast and user-friendly.

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Teamlab Customization Consultancy Services

More than being a free service, TeamLab is Open Source software.

To align it with your business needs, it’s possible to customize it and to a considerable extent.

Narola has been customizing TeamLab for clients across the world and drawing out the deeper advantages for them such as

+ Higher-flexibility
+ better control over corporate portal
+ robust Data-security

Would you like  a personalized TeamLab?

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Teamlab Integration Consultancy Services

TeamLab is so friendly a software, it works in tandem with your existing software of other types.

Narola professionals can integrate TeamLab and the software you are presently using for real-time data exchange.

The integration brings you enhanced features of TeamLab without letting go of the powerful features of existing software.

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