In this era of automation, enterprise automation tools have replaced the need for human intervention to a great extent. These automation tools offer a plethora of advantages, optimized performance, and minimized costs being the foremost. One of them, the Robotic Process Automation (RPA), enables organizations to automate at a much lower price in a time-efficient manner.

To configure computer software and execute various business processes, numerous robotic process automation tools are available.

In the presence of multiple RPA tools with their variety of features available in the market, selecting the right one is not a simple task. The following RPA tools list gives the roundup of the best and most popular RPA tools dominating the automation landscape.

The best robotic process automation tools of 2020

Automation Anywhere

An intelligent RPA tool, Automation Anywhere, creates a digital employee with an exceptional cognitive capability that can process large amounts of unstructured data. It has both cloud and on-premise services and can be utilized by medium and large businesses alike. Some of its unique features are:

Blue Prism

One of the best robotic process automation tools, Blue Prism, helps remove risk-prone and low return manual data entry operations. By automating repetitive, back-office processes, it paves the way for agile and cost-effective business operations. Blue Prism’s features include:


One of the robotic process automation tools with a comprehensive set of features, it empowers organizations with automating end-to-end business processes. The RPA solution enables employees to manage any compliance issues. Its salient features include:


One of the best Rapid Application Development Platforms, OutSystems, provides developers with suitable tools and environments to design and deploy custom enterprise apps. Its features include:


Kofax is one of the fastest robotic process automation tools that allow you to obtain, optimize, and deliver information from any data source, without any coding. It creates a digital workforce that makes previously unattainable, and time-consuming information readily available, thus enhancing productivity and decision-making. Features include:

Pegasystems Automation

Pegasystems provides flexible cloud software developed on the centralized Pega platform. It enables users in rapid deployment and extension of applications to fulfill business requirements. Its significant features include:


Impart outstanding customer experiences with Jacada RPA and artificial intelligence software. It automates and optimizes processes across the full customer supply is one of the agent desktop RPA solutions used for generating interactions, centers for communication, and customer services. Some of its features include:


It is one of the cloud and on-premise robotic process automation tools that automate highly structured routine manual desktop tasks. Its advanced analytics of structured and unstructured data allows organizations to benefit from better decision-making. Some of its features are:


An intuitive platform Windows automation, WinAutomation allows users to automate web-based and desktop tasks easily. WinAutomation’s software robots can assist any organization in achieving

Redwood Software

Redwood software automatizes every manual task and drives digital process transformation in organizations. Its numerous plug-and-play robots provide quick connections to many applications. Features include:


Thus, we see that today’s organizations face no shortage of options regarding robotic process automation tools through which they can optimize their internal processes and impart better customer experiences. The RPA tools can be selected according to your business goals and requirements, keeping in mind the licensing and employee training costs.