Whenever a question strikes your mind, your first instinct these days is to search it online. By surfing for information online, it is meant that you make use of one of the search engines of your choice.

The top-most in the list of best search engines in the world is Google with a market share of nearly 81.5% in the net search engine market. It has become so popular that Google search has become synonymous with an online search.

But, is there a better alternative search engine for you? With the entry of DuckDuckGo, the inquisitiveness among people has grown. So, in order to throw some light on the trending features of DuckDuckGo, keep reading this article.

The Perks Of DuckDuckGo

For people who are extremely skeptical about losing personal information or the crowd of creative commons, DuckDuckGo is a dream come true. They promise to encrypt all your connections and block the hidden trackers keeping you the safest.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose wisely and go the DuckDuckGo as the best default search engine today!