Since the advent of smartphones, investors have been eyeing a unique growth opportunity in the form of mobile app development. What is the reason for this? People who spend a lot of time on their mobile phones, spend 90% of this time on mobile apps! Making obvious the chances that apps stand to garner extensive use on the global scale. 

Observing that the majority of mobile devices (above 70%) use Android, Android app development is an alluring chance to invest a little to get a lot back! If you want to build Java Android apps, your unique idea presented as a mobile app could be your road to success.

Benefits of Using Java for Your Android App

Java has long been considered a reliable programming language that boasts of having all the features an application needs, and then some. When it comes to Android app development, the reasons for choosing Java are evident. It becomes a case of why wouldn’t you use Java for Android development!  

The properties of Java are what make this programming language impart so many positive advantages to Java-based mobile applications. It’s not just Java web applications that benefit from Java, mobile applications can also benefit from Java. Here are a few ways your mobile app can benefit by using Java technology. 

Open-Source Programming Language

Using an open-source programming language means that you will save money by not having to pay for licenses. Java is free and has a wide array of libraries that are also included for free, and available to every Java application development company that seeks it.

Another reason for choosing Java app development for your Android app is the fact that libraries, tools, and code are readily available for free, meaning that time is saved by not having to procure these items separately. 

Object-Oriented Language

Object-oriented concepts are said to be the core of the Java programming language. It allows programming based on the concept of ‘objects’ which contain data. The OOPS concept is preferred by a Java web application development company because it facilitates the maintainability and flexibility of an application. 

Object-oriented programming circulates around certain concepts, these are:

Various Development Tools

Several development tools make Java beneficial for Android app development. The availability of several free tools makes it possible to develop the best version of your Android app possible! Some examples of free tools available are stated below.


A tool like Eclipse is used in mobile application development to ensure that robust and feature-rich applications are developed. An alternative to Eclipse is Netbeans, another open-source IDE that is available to every Java mobile app development agency.


AngularJS and Spring MVC

These two frameworks can freely be used for mobile application development and it just so happens that they are the best pairing to the Java programming language. 


Java can use MySQL and SQLite, both are free database management systems that can be used to connect to databases. A paid alternative to MySQL and SQLite is Oracle DB. 

Easy to Learn Java

Java has been around for a long time and this is great news for you! Finding skilled developers who have in-depth knowledge and experience about Java app development will not be hard, actually, it will be the opposite. You will be spoilt for choice and be able to find developers at different skill levels.  

In fact, if you really want to get the best Android app development, you can even choose to outsource mobile app development services. This proves to be a cost and time-efficient option that many businesses choose. It involves getting development services from a Java developer team situated outside your residing country.  

Large Supportive Community

Ample Java software development services can be found since Java is not short of developer enthusiasts that loyally follow this language and its updates. Java has been around for a long time and has a large community that supports and continuously develops the Java language for the betterment of people who use Java for their development projects. 

Using Java for mobile app development will reap the rewards of having such a stable and established developer community behind it. 

High ROI for Relatively Low Investment

The cost of developing a Java mobile app is relatively low compared to the return on interest that is possible if your app succeeds. When navigating how to go about developing an app with high features and high success chances, opting for a Java development company is an option. 

By opting for the help of a Java development company, you are assured your money is well spent and you get the Android app you want at a reasonable price. Also, their in-house Java developers can share their thoughts on how to best achieve your app goals. 


Makes Secure and Robust Applications

Java is the first choice of most mobile app developers for a reason! Java provides stability and security to all applications made from it, this is one of the best benefits of using Java for your project and more incentive to use it over other programming languages. Security is an important factor to consider in applications developed these days, luckily Java comes with security features. 

This makes Java very suitable for certain app ideas like finance apps and other apps that experience high volumes of users accessing the application simultaneously. High performance coupled with speed and security makes an app whose performance will not be criticized by users. 


There is no such thing as too many Android mobile applications on the market! The increasing number of Android-based smartphones contributes greatly to the growing popularity and development of mobile apps for this particular operating system. 

Altogether, this ensures that Java application development services will always be available whenever you decide to develop your Android app using Java. Don’t think twice about using Java for mobile app development as there has never been a case of disappointment when using it to develop anything!