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taxi-app-developmentA Complete Package Of Taxi App Development

Narola developers offer you the opportunity of a successful on-demand taxi business with an app that is custom-built for you from scratch. Whether it is converting your existing business into an online app-based or starting out a new venture with a taxi booking app, we got you covered. Our team of developers takes into consideration every aspect of taxi app development. We offer suggestions and build the best-in-class taxi-app for you.


Why Should You Invest In A Taxi Booking App?

The traditional taxi business is no more existent. There is intense competition with more people opting for safer, quicker, and cheaper online modes of transport. That being said people are still absolutely pro hiring a taxi. Therefore it is obvious to shift your business on a functional taxi booking app. It is an extension of your business and often becomes its heart to help it grow and flourish. A taxi booking app is not only great for the users but also for the owners. You can keep a tab on every member working for you. There is no limit to the number of people who can join your business community and the payments are safeguarded.

hire-best-taxi-app-developersComprehend The Features Of Your Dextrous Taxi Booking App

When it comes to building a taxi booking app for your business, there is a lot of customization that you may expect. By doing this, you can accomplish the difficult task of standing out in the crowd. The team at Narola infotech can help you develop the app with all the required features on both iOS and Android platforms. Here’s what you can include in your taxi app. This comprehensive list of features is inclusive and not exclusive to other unique features that you can add. Our skilled team is well-equipped and skilled to provide whatever your requirements are.

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    For Riders and Drivers

    Your taxi booking app can have separate versions for drivers and riders. We can develop an easy way for authentic drivers to register online. Users can be provided with safe payment methods, offers, live ride-tracking and chats.

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    Location-wise development

    A single app for business in different regions is possible. You can modify the basic aspects like taxi fares, type of car, and additional charges if any based on the location. One app to suffice the need to work remotely for different locations.

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    Multi-Payment options

    The choice of the user to go cashless with a credit card or use cash must be made safe by the taxi app owners. We can create an app wallet & introduce offers/discounts based on their booking history for better customer experience.

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    Android and iOS platforms

    Narola offers taxi app development for both Android and iOS platforms to cover all users. This is inclusive of working on all features and aspects of the app to final uploading along with the quality assurance.

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    Reviews and ratings

    Taxi booking app users largely depend on reviews and ratings received by drivers to trust them and ultimately the app. You can maintain transparency with your audience and assess the registered drivers for the best services.

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    Incorporating Passenger safety

    Protecting customer privacy and ensuring their safety is in favour of your app. You can incorporate the call masking feature, sharing the details of your ride, location, live tracking, and emergency dial for the same.

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    Chat option

    Once a ride is assigned to a driver, a chat-option may be made available between the rider and driver or the customer support. This generates a sense of trust in the user that they receive 24*7 support for registering complaints.

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    Great user interface

    The aesthetics, graphics, and accessibility to all features of your taxi app to be perfect are very necessary. Your app should not be too complex for the user to understand or navigate. We can build such a hassle-free app.

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    Schedule A Ride

    .Scheduling a ride well in advance can prove to be very helpful for your user. It saves them a lot of stress and relieves the uncertainty. This builds your brand’s advocacy as there is a sense of reliability.

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    Book For Others

    This is a great feature that few taxi booking agencies have to offer. A user can simply book a ride for anyone else remotely. The rider can simply receive the details of the ride booked by the concerned person. The driver arrives at the location specified and drops-off the passenger. This is very helpful for someone in a new place to travel safely.

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    Trip information

    Whenever a rider uses the app to book a ride, all the information about the estimated price, the driver assigned and his information, route of travel, approximate time to reach the destination, contact number of the driver, etc. are displayed immediately. All the records of previous trips taken are also maintained.

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    Driver App Features

    The driver is able to receive information like when a customer books a ride via push notification. You can also incorporate the “driver wallet” feature which can display the cumulative amount earned in the day/overall along with payment history. For reducing time and optimum navigation, the driver can click on the pin for a detailed address.

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  • I've given him a difficult task where the project specification was a bit complicated. He's spent some time to deeply understand it and gave me even his suggestions. Overall, he's done an awesome work.

    Katsuya F CEO | Japan
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