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school-management-erp-systemSchool ERP System

School management software is essential for streamlining and automating all administrative processes of a school effectively. Being a leading School ERP System Development Company, we develop smart web-based school ERP systems for various schools. Our solutions remove the burden of time-consuming, and error-prone tasks and processes like attendance management, account management, library management, and result management, among many. Our technology-driven school ERP provides a centralized and secure place for all information regarding students and school staff.

Our feature-rich school Web Application development helps you create a distinct presence. Leverage our School ERP services and keep parents updated about their ward, monitor all school activities, and give the benefit of enhanced education quality to children.

Features of the School ERP systemFeatures of the School ERP system

We develop a dynamic School ERP System with a user-friendly interface and multiple functionalities to help your school deliver outstanding education. By automating administrative and managerial processes through its various modules, our School ERP helps admin and staff to focus on imparting quality education rather than wasting time in error-prone processes.

Benefit from our School ERP Features like the parent, teacher, student, and librarian logins, management of attendance, exam, results, transport, among many, SMS and email integration along with complete data backup and security. Tailor-made according to your requirements, it is the best investment for your school’s progress.

school-management-erp-systemThe Login Module

School Content Management System (CMS) FeaturesSchool Content Management System (CMS) Features

  • Attendance Management

    Attendance Management

    Save time using the attendance system provided in our school management software. RFID integration automates tasks like student arrival and departure and reports it to parents. A systematic data-log of student and employee attendance is maintained that can be accessed by the principal, teachers, and parents.

  • Management of Homework/Assignments

    Management of Homework/Assignments

    Our school ERP system facilitates homework/ assignment posting by the teachers online for easy reference by the student and parent. Students and parents alike can access and view the homework and the associated documents provided by the teacher and benefit from their timely completion.

  • Exam Management

    Exam Management

    Leverage our school management software for examination scheduling and result generation. Easily define exam schedules for different subjects and specify performance generation parameters. Evaluation structure can be customized and reports regarding test results can be generated and published. Our software supports the state-wise evaluation pattern.can benefit.

  • Class routine system

    Class routine system

    Our school management ERP system allows for advanced class routine scheduling. It takes care of all the complex scheduling tasks. Whether you want to divide your class, plan extra classes, our school ERP system can generate any routine you want.

  • Library Management

    Library Management

    Automate the process of managing countless books with the library management module. Check the availability of a particular book in the database and eliminate any delay in its issuing. The software follows ISBN criteria which ensures that you won't have to worry about the location and position of books.

  • Hostel Management

    Hostel Management

    Keep yourself updated regarding hostel students, their meals, the transfer room, and lodging, among many. The hostel management system of our school ERP software provides all information regarding hostel bills, maintenance charges, student and room information, visitor record in a consolidated database that can be accessed anytime.

  • Transportation management

    Transportation management

    Track student movement with the transport management system. Define the bus routes of students pick and drop locations, track bus locations with GPS, and get instant alerts about insurance and service due through dashboards. Parents can view the bus movements and its position at a particular time.

  • Management of Marks and Results

    Management of Marks and Results

    Our web-based school management ERP system makes the process of marking students effortless. It provides teachers with a centralized place to maintain the grades of all students. Processing of various tests, mid-terms, and final examination results become very easy, fast, and free of errors.

  • Account management System

    Account management System

    Leverage the benefits of transparency and accuracy in managing accounts and finance with our school management software. It automates processes related to income and expenditure, thus removing any scope of manipulation or error. All the data entered remains fully secure.

  • Management of Events

    Management of Events

    Our smart school ERP enables you to execute every event effortlessly with perfect coordination. It can be used with the help of an event calendar. All the details regarding participants, coordinators, and the panel team is recorded in an automated format. Now schedule all upcoming events easily.

  • Complete Data Security And Backup

    Complete Data Security And Backup

    One cannot deny the importance of secure administrative and academic records. Our school management software keeps your data fully protected. It ensures that important information regarding students and teachers can only be accessed by authentic users. Data backup ensures that critical information is never lost.

  • Circulars Generation

    Circulars Generation

    Leverage the benefits of transparency and accuracy in managing accounts and finance with our school management software. It automates processes related to income and expenditure, thus removing any scope of manipulation or error. All the data entered remains fully secure.

  • Management of Alumni

    Management of Alumni

    Alumni can serve as a valuable knowledge resource for students. Our school ERP system lets you maintain and manage alumni records and facilitates communication with them through SMS or email. Both the alumni and school can exchange the latest news and updates with each other.

  • E-magazine for School

    E-magazine for School

    An E-magazine helps parents to view and understand the various aspects of a student’s life apart from academics. Our school ERP generates beautiful E-magazines with details about student’s activities, excursions, and other important academic details. Use ERP software and build a deeper connection with parents.

  • Student Birthday Cards

    Student Birthday Cards

    Coming up with unique birthday card ideas becomes easy with our school ERP. Surprise students with cards that can be made using a variety of templates and customized according to needs. Personalize them with messages and images and forge a deeper bond with your students.

  • Extensive Photo Gallery

    Extensive Photo Gallery

    Parents, students, and teachers can log-in to the ERP web portal and view the extensive image gallery of students. Images can be displayed class-wise and section-wise with titles and descriptions. Photos of all events are displayed, helping students and parents to remain updated about the latest happenings.

  • Event Video Gallery

    Event Video Gallery

    The ERP web portal can also help parents, students, and teachers to access a comprehensive video gallery. Videos of all events and functions are displayed so that parents can take a closer look at them. Video archives can easily be maintained and updated by the school

  • Management of Results

    Management of Results

    Generate data-rich report cards containing a detailed assessment of the students according to key performance metrics using our ERP system. Report cards are created according to the latest state board guidelines. It completely eliminates the need to depend on a third-party vendor for printing report cards.

School ERP FunctionalitiesSchool ERP Functionalities

  • Personalized Dashboard

    Personalized Dashboard

    Gain access to customized dashboards and get real-time updates regarding tasks, events, and functions. Get all the analytics and information about finances at your fingertips. Share the latest news and updates and enable quick access to leave applications to be rejected or approved.

    Personalized Dashboard
  • Management of Parent

    Management of Parent

    Our school management ERP system lets parents get updated instantly about details like transportation, attendance, fees, among many. Parents can also access exam results, homework, assignments, and daily remarks by the teacher. Thus, it ensures that parents are updated about their child’s progress at all times.

    Management of Parent
  • Management of Students

    Management of Students

    All student details can be maintained in our school ERP system. You can set fee payment mode, transportation details, and save all information regarding students from multiple sessions. Relieve yourself of managing all these time-consuming tasks and let our ERP maintain a comprehensive student database for you.

    Management of Students
  • SMS Communication

    SMS Communication

    Our school ERP software lets parents know about the whereabouts of a child on a daily basis through the SMS system. Parents can receive instant SMS alerts regarding the examination schedule, assignment remarks, monthly attendance, vacation, and holidays. Save the time spent in calling and informing each parent with our ERP software

    SMS Communication
  • Management of Fees

    Management of Fees

    Our school management software lets you automate all the fee management processes. Student fees that are categorized into various categories like tuition fees, admission, transport, etc. can be automatically calculated along with a customized fee receipt. Parents can be notified of the fee due to SMS.

    Management of Fees
  • Management of Time Tables

    Management of Time Tables

    Our ERP software makes the task of creating and managing time tables very easy. Time tables can be built based on available time and the skills of the teacher. Make class-wise and teacher-wise time tables. You can also view syllabus progress as well as create one combining several classes for optional subjects.

    Management of Time Tables
  • School Almanac

    School Almanac

    Our ERP software makes the task of creating and managing time tables very easy. Time tables can be built based on available time and the skills of the teacher. Make class-wise and teacher-wise time tables. You can also view syllabus progress as well as create one combining several classes for optional subjects.

    School Almanac

Portfolio of Previous School ERP ServicesOur Portfolio of Previous School ERP Services


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