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online-ecommerce-marketplace-development-services-for-mobile-&-the-webOnline eCommerce Marketplace Development Services for Mobile & the Web

eCommerce marketplace development services are being leveraged by businesses of all kinds to facilitate a smooth exchange of their products/services, attract and retain customers, and build strong business identity and presence. As a leading marketplace development company, we possess more than a decade long experience in online marketplace development. We can help you build a cost-effective and feature-rich custom marketplace that would dramatically extend the scope of engagement between buyers and sellers.

Our online marketplace development experts have consistently delivered numerous end-to-end website design and development services with solutions that span over a range of industries.

features-of-our-web-ecommerce-marketplace-developmentKey Features of our Web eCommerce Marketplace Development


We create a custom marketplace with an appealing interface that is easily navigable, enhancing user engagement and interest.

Flexible and Scalable

Employing a DevOps approach, our eCommerce marketplace development for enterprises possess a robust architecture that seamlessly manages variable loads.

SEO Optimized and Manageable

Adherence to SEO best practices and default Content Management System (CMS) activation makes way for an expedient marketplace.

Safe and Secure

We develop an eCommerce marketplace free of vulnerabilities, SSL protected and equipped against major attacks.

Prompt Development

We provide flexible marketplace development services that reduce the time-to-market of your product.


seller-module-functionalitiesSeller Module Functionalities

admin-module-functionalitiesAdmin Module Functionalities

  • Data rich dashboard

    Data rich dashboard

    Our marketplaces allow admin complete visibility over the order statistics like table shop name, number of orders, price, and earning received by the sellers on their dashboard. In addition, admin commission, shipping, and tax are also displayed on the statistics. Admin has the right to control the number of sellers whose order statistics are to be made visible on their dashboard.

  • Managing Customers

    Managing Customers

    We develop marketplaces where admin can create both customers and sellers. It is done by the admin by first creating customers from his panel and then approving them as sellers. Admin can manage the customers by either adding or editing a customer. By adding the shop name of the seller and approving it, the admin can make that customer a seller.

  • Managing Vendors

    Managing Vendors

    Through our eCommerce marketplace development, we make vendor management for admins easy. A single backend allows admins to manage all of their vendors which includes adding, deleting, or editing vendors. Admins can also effectively manage products, orders, credit transactions, return requests, etc. of the vendors through this module. It creates a long-term vendor relationship from which the admins can benefit.

  • Managing Products

    Managing Products

    We develop custom marketplaces that have tools designed for product management which allows you to efficiently manage store products while minimizing the time spent on redundant tasks. Admins can easily add or edit the existing products according to product categories, brand, images, attributes, etc. and also manage product-related data like billing, shipping address, etc.

  • Managing Orders

    Managing Orders

    Using the Order management module in our marketplace the admin doesn’t need to know customer login credentials to complete the order by logging in. They can accept orders on call and process them after receiving payment. This module allows email notification and new billing information for edited orders to be sent to the customers automatically.

  • Moderating Review/Ratings

    Moderating Review/Ratings

    Review/Rating management and moderation are of significant value to the admin as the owner. Admins can handle the features, control visitor’s access to views on the web-store as well as the rating criteria affecting their store. Admins can easily delete, add, and manage reviews and ratings in our eCommerce marketplaces. Admin can also pre-moderate customer reviews and also make them SEO friendly.

  • Coupons and Offers

    Coupons and Offers

    Store admins can offer various discounts to customers. They can design multiple discount coupons where discounts can be provided either as fixed or on a percentage basis. The admin can control the quantity limit of the coupon and can specify coupon codes. They can limit the number of coupons for a customer and can even remove the coupons if the need arises.

  • Data-rich Reports

    Data-rich Reports

    The reports module in our marketplace allows admins to gain from the overview of their store’s data in the form of effective decision making. Admins can access each seller’s report and can also filter results. It also allows sales to be filtered according to categories, order status, or date. It automatically calculates admin revenue and allows them to view best selling products and sellers

  • Tax & Shipping functionalities

    Tax & Shipping functionalities

    It allows the admin to view the tax rates of each seller with order ID, seller name, product name, and tax amount. The tax manager can be enabled or disabled by the admin. Store owners can form tax rules and product tax classes for sellers. The shipping module allows admins to update product shipping prices and decide the criteria for calculating the shipping price.

functionalities-of-marketplace-mobile-appKey Functionalities of Marketplace Mobile App

With more than half of the population becoming mobile-only shoppers, it is essential for your marketplace to be accessible to them through a user-friendly app on their phones. Business runs the risk of losing out on a big chunk of potential customers without a mobile app. We create marketplace mobile apps that allow your buyers an easy, convenient, and secure shopping experience.

  • Registration as seller and buyer

    Registration as seller and buyer

    We take into account the roles of both sellers and buyers. Our mobile app structure is created in a manner that allows you to register either as a seller or a buyer. People can choose to register with an email or social media profile.

    Registration as seller and buyer
  • Seller products listing

    Seller products listing

    Using the app the sellers can add products to their list and can also edit it on the move. They can choose to add or choose to cross-sell and up-sell products. They can also add or choose relevant products.

    Seller products listing
  • Purchasing products

    Purchasing products

    Our marketplace mobile app makes it easy for customers to buy products no matter where they are. Using their smartphones people can access the store, view, and purchase the products without needing a laptop or PC for the same purpose.

    Purchasing products
  • Integrated Payment gateway

    Integrated Payment gateway

    Our eCommerce marketplaces come with Payment gateway integration to make your online payment with credit/debit cards smooth, easy, and convenient. Our payment gateway integration comes with a bundle of great functionalities that lets buyers make their payments more securely.

    Integrated Payment gateway
  • Buyer and seller chat integration

    Buyer and seller chat integration

    Our marketplaces open a smooth line of communication between the customer and the seller. It enables the buyer to freely ask the seller regarding any doubt or query pertaining to the product. The feature enables the buyer to make a more informed product decision.

    Buyer and seller chat integration
  • Managing Order and wishlist

    Managing Order and wishlist

    Customers can easily add products on their wishlist using our marketplace app. It gives them a reference for future purchases. Buyers have easy access to the wishlist area as it is present in individual products and search pages of the app.

    Managing Order and wishlist
  • Managing product status by the seller

    Managing product status by the seller

    With our apps for marketplaces sellers can update and edit the status of their products anytime. It allows them to keep an accurate and up-to-date record of their products. Seller will be notified of out-of-stock products and can accordingly take action.

    Managing product status by the seller
  • Integrated Delivery service

    Integrated Delivery service

    Our custom apps for eCommerce marketplaces allow easy integration of third-party delivery services into a user-friendly streamlined platform. It fully integrates ordering, delivery, and payment processing into one interface. Ongoing support regarding the services can be availed by the seller.

    Integrated Delivery service
  • Transactions via Escrow payment

    Transactions via Escrow payment

    Our mobile apps allow buyers to benefit from secure online payment processing through escrow of payment. With a customer-friendly interface, it allows you to establish credibility in the minds of the buyers in a cost-effective manner.

    Transactions via Escrow payment

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