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custom-photo-editing-app-development-companyWhy Developing a Photo-Editing App is Profitable?

Sharing photos and images for both personal and professional use has become the norm. The quality of photos that you share on your personal and social media accounts, as well as websites, make or break your brand’s identity in the eyes of the users. And, a creative image can take you a long way in grabbing the attention of your audience. This has been realized by the general public, influencers, as well as company owners. We bring to you a platform where you can play with various aspects of creating a distinctive & brilliant image like color schemes, templates, etc. that will establish your presence on social media.

Thus it is only logical to understand that investing in a well-functioning and multi-faceted with features photo-editing app is a profitable move for you. Whether it is developing an app for general purpose or high-tech for commercial purposes, our team of photo editing app development experts can provide complete support. We are skilled, proficient, and leave no stone unturned in delivering an app that is incorporating all your specified requirements and more. We have years of experience in working with the latest technologies for developing complex web & mobile applications. For your photo editing mobile app, we make use of AI-technology which is the need of the hour for implementing features corresponding to face recognition, eye-detection, adding filters, etc.

Steps to develop A Photo Editing AppSteps to develop A Photo Editing App

We have a very systematic approach to carry out app development for all our clients. This ensures that there is no room for errors and the client is always in the loop to offer suggestions, requirements, and modifications to create a product as desired. Here’s our step-wise approach to your photo editing app development.

Features to include in your Photo Editing AppUnique Features to include in your Photo Editing App

  • Standard yet Advanced Editing Tools

    Standard yet Advanced Editing Tools

    Your photo editing app needs some standard editing tools which function remarkably without making the final image look artificial. You can implement adjustments like brighten, contrast, sharpen, smoothen, auto-fix, blur, heal, red-eye removal, etc. In addition to these, you can also make features like cropping, borders, and vignettes available.

    Standard yet Advanced Editing Tools
  • Add layers

    Add layers

    In the pool of apps, what makes your image editing app stand out is the seamlessness of adding different layers to it. Users often depend on a particular app for filters, stickers, special effects, Gifs, etc. You can also make options like Doodle art and adding text available within it. You can introduce new filters from time to time which keeps the user engaged with your app and enjoys using it.

    Add layers
  • Collage


    One of the reasons why many smartphone users search for a photo editing app is to create attractive collages that help them display multiple images at a time with high-quality along with maintaining the aesthetics. Your app can have collage templates to add “n” number of images together segregating both personal and professional usage.

  • Occasion-wise templates

    Occasion-wise templates

    At Narola Infotech we have fresh ideas to put in place for your mobile app development. We make it an agenda to develop features that are not ordinary. You can incorporate ready-made custom templates for Birthdays, Anniversary, Christmas, Diwali, Halloween, etc. There can be other seasonal templates for summer, spring, winter, and unique ones like fashion, babies, motivational themes.

    Occasion-wise templates
  • Social Media Compatible

    Social Media Compatible

    Most people edit photos as they later want to update it on social media or websites. Thus it comes in handy when your app can help them set the same image in different configurations that are suitable to upload on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube cover image, Whatsapp display picture, etc. This gives them the option to upload without missing any information and adjusting image ratios.

    Social Media Compatible

Revenue ModelThe Revenue Model

  • Advertisements


    The most common scenario prevalent in mobile apps today is featuring advertisements. It can be either timed clips or images of the sponsoring companies you have existing tie-ups with. This monetization strategy helps to provide a free photo editing app to users at the same time generates revenue for the owners.

  • In-app purchases

    In-app purchases

    This is another successful business model that we can implement for you. While you get a large number of users, you can offer some advanced and unique features after purchase. Some features that you invest in making the photo-editing app way advanced. Customers are often willing to pay for such features that give their images & photos an extra edge.

  • Convert to a paid app

    Convert to a paid app

    Developing a paid app is the simplest way to generate income for the investment you make. It may seem challenging but it is a very sought-after way for commercial companies to use such photo-editing apps that keep their images/photos unique at the same time are quick to generate results.can benefit.

Photo Editing App ProjectsView Our Photo Editing App Projects

Photo Editing App Projects

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