Trusted By 1500+ Happy Clients including these Fortune companies

Trusted By 1500+ Happy Clients including these Fortune companies

Legacy Software Modernization Services

As a renowned legacy software modernization company, our team specializes in an array of modernization services spanning legacy application, system, and data modernization, as well as transformation to cloud environments and software modernization.

With a proven track record across diverse industries, Narola Infotech accelerates the modernization journey, enabling clients to stay ahead in today's competitive market.

legacy application modernization

Legacy Application Modernization

Our service entails upgrading outdated legacy applications to modern, scalable, and efficient solutions. Through careful analysis and strategic planning, we ensure seamless migration while preserving critical functionalities and data integrity.

Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Application Modernization

We specialize in revitalizing enterprise-scale applications, optimizing performance, and enhancing agility to meet evolving business needs. Our approach involves comprehensive assessment, redesign, and implementation of cutting-edge technologies tailored to your organization's unique requirements.

Software and Application Re-Engineering

Software and Application Re-Engineering

Our re-engineering service focuses on revitalizing software systems by enhancing their functionality, performance, and maintainability. We meticulously analyze existing codebases, identify areas for improvement, and implement robust solutions to modernize and future-proof your applications.

application Re-architecting

Application Re-architecting

We offer strategic re-architecting services to transform complex and monolithic applications into modular, flexible architectures. By breaking down silos, improving scalability, and embracing microservices, we enable your applications to adapt and thrive in dynamic business environments.

Application Modernization Consulting

Application Modernization Consulting

Our expert consultants provide invaluable guidance and insight throughout the modernization journey. From initial assessment to implementation and beyond, we offer strategic advice, best practices, and personalized recommendations to drive successful modernization initiatives.

application recoding

Application Recoding

We specialize in recoding legacy applications, refactoring outdated codebases to improve efficiency, maintainability, and scalability. Our experienced developers leverage modern programming languages, design patterns, and development methodologies to breathe new life into your software systems.

Cloud Modernization

Cloud Modernization Services

Our cloud modernization service enables seamless migration of applications to cloud platforms, unlocking benefits such as scalability, cost-efficiency, and enhanced flexibility. We assess your infrastructure, design optimal cloud architectures, and manage the migration process to ensure a smooth transition.

Automation and DevOps Transformation

Automation and DevOps Transformation

We facilitate DevOps transformation by automating manual processes, streamlining collaboration between development and operations teams, and fostering a culture of continuous integration and delivery. Our services enhance agility, quality, and efficiency throughout the software development lifecycle.

Data Modernization

Data Modernization Services

Our data modernization services help organizations modernize their data management processes, optimizing data storage, retrieval, and analysis for improved decision-making and innovation. Our data and application modernization services encompass data migration, integration, cleansing, and governance, ensuring data remains accurate, accessible, and secure.

Technology Modernization

Technology Modernization Services

Our technology modernization services focus on upgrading outdated technologies and frameworks to drive innovation and competitiveness. We assess your technology stack, recommend modern alternatives, and oversee the implementation to future-proof your IT infrastructure.

Application containerization

Application Containerization

We leverage containerization technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes to modernize applications, enabling efficient deployment, scaling, and management across diverse environments. Our experts containerize legacy applications, ensuring portability, scalability, and resilience.

Software Product Architecture Design

Microservices Architecture

We specialize in designing and implementing microservices architectures to break down monolithic applications into loosely coupled, independently deployable services. Our approach improves scalability, agility, and resilience, enabling organizations to innovate and adapt rapidly to changing business requirements.

Security and Compliance Enhancements

Security and Compliance Enhancements

Our security and compliance services strengthen applications against evolving cyber threats and regulatory requirements. We conduct comprehensive assessments, implement robust security measures, and ensure adherence to industry standards, safeguarding your data and reputation.

Benefits of Software Modernization Services

Custom Software Development

Cost Reduction

Application modernization solutions streamline operations and eliminate costly maintenance of outdated systems, resulting in significant long-term savings.

Custom Software Development

Enhanced Security

Modernization strengthens cybersecurity measures, protecting sensitive data and mitigating the risk of breaches and compliance violations.

Custom Software Development

Competitive Advantage

By leveraging modern technologies and capabilities, businesses gain a competitive edge, attracting more customers and opportunities.

Custom Software Development

Integration & Interoperability

Modernized systems facilitate seamless integration with third-party applications and platforms, enhancing collaboration and data exchange.

Custom Software Development

Improved Business Agility

Upgraded software enables rapid adaptation to market changes, allowing businesses to innovate and stay ahead of competitors.

Custom Software Development

Frees Up IT Resources

By automating tasks & optimizing processes, modernization frees up IT staff to focus on strategic initiatives & innovation.

Custom Software Development

Enhanced User Experience

Modernized interfaces and functionalities improve user satisfaction, driving customer loyalty and retention.

Custom Software Development

Legacy System Retirement

Modernization allows businesses to retire obsolete legacy systems, reducing maintenance costs and minimizing operational risks.

Components We Modernize

  • App Infrastructure

    App Infrastructure

    We modernize app infrastructure by migrating to cloud-based solutions, implementing containerization, and adopting infrastructure-as-code principles.

  • App Architectures and Tech Stack

    App Architectures and Tech Stack

    Our efforts focus on upgrading architectures to microservices, adopting modern languages and frameworks, and implementing DevOps practices.

  • App Integrations

    App Integrations

    We enhance interoperability through APIs, event-driven architectures, and integration platforms like MuleSoft or Zapier.

  • App UI/UX

    App UI/UX

    We redesign interfaces based on user feedback, ensure cross-device compatibility, and integrate modern design frameworks for an enhanced user experience.

Our Software and Application Modernization Roadmap

software and application modernization roadmap

Why Choose Narola as Your
Legacy Software Modernization Company

Industry Knowledge

Domain Experts

Narola boasts a team of seasoned domain experts with extensive knowledge and experience in software and application modernization. Their deep understanding of various industries ensures tailored application modernization solutions that meet specific business needs and challenges.

Cost Reduction and ROI Maximization

Cost Reduction and ROI Maximization

Our modernization strategies are designed to optimize costs and maximize return on investment. By streamlining processes, leveraging advanced technologies, and eliminating outdated systems, we help businesses achieve significant cost savings and unlock new revenue streams.

Improved Efficiency and Agility

Improved Efficiency and Agility

Our application modernization solutions enhance operational efficiency and agility, enabling businesses to adapt quickly to market changes and customer demands. By implementing innovative technologies and best practices, we empower organizations to stay ahead of the competition and drive sustainable growth.

18+ years of Market Experience

18+ years of Market Experience

With over 18 years of experience in the market, Narola brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and proven track record to every modernization project. Our extensive experience enables us to deliver high-quality solutions that exceed client expectations and deliver tangible business results.

Case Studies

18 Years of Trust & Hard Work

Over the years we have leveraged exceptional technological expertise at affordable prices to offer our clients customized solutions to suit their needs and industry niches. Our development is focused on making reliable, appealing, easy-to-use, speedy, scalable, and customized deliverables.

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Why Narola
Why Narola

Narola is not just another software development company, but it is an institution for global businesses to get the technical solution to complex business problems and needs with a vision that is client-oriented. Learn more about our values, how we address challenges from our CIO, Narola Infotech.

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Our Clients Say

We place a huge value on strong relationships. Our clients have faith in us. We always keep them ahead of their competitors by serving them top notch IT solutions.

Eldrick Lindner

It was a very pleasing experience to work with Narola Infotech. Very Professional team,they delivered in time and were skilled for our project. Always engaged to help us.

Eldrick Lindner

Owner, LearnU | Germany

Samir Black

Narola is a budget- and timeline-oriented team. Their dedicated work ethic and expertise have resulted in innovative solutions that brim with marketable and customer-oriented potentials.

Samir Black

CEO & Founder, Yobod | USA

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