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Software Testing Company

Quality Assurance (QA) & Testing remain an integral part of software application development in software testing company. Though most of the people consider QA and testing services as the same term. But they are way different from each other. Software QA company looks after the processes in the software development life cycle. Software testing company organizes the various processes in such a way that it works for the betterment of software development. The main focus of the software QA company is to improve the quality of the software project. Thereby organizing each step in the entire process quite. On the other hand, Testing does take care of the process involved. But its main focus is to check and fix the errors in the project. These errors can be functional, performance, coding or any other.


Narola, the best QA company known for its classic QA & testing services. We as a software testing company offer full-cycle software testing services for desktop and mobile apps. The software testing company depends on two terms on a very serious and significant note. Because we as a software testing company understand the entire quality of the deliverables depends on them. We have proven methodology, functionality, expertise, and technology to support them in bringing the high-quality results for the clients. With the growth of narola, our outsourcing QA & testing services have reached in New York, Austin, Chicago. Also in Los Angeles, Houston, San Antonio, San Diego, Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Francisco cities of the USA. Read Why Software Testing and QA  services Important to any developed Software or Application.

Software Testing Company Process

  • Client Process Review

    Our Software QA company engineers review the client requirements in terms of clarity, consistency, verifiable, complete, and executable - to analyze for conflict. Every info gathered will have an impact on the final product.

  • Test Case Development

    Once the requirement analyzed, our QA & testing services experts start planning the test cases to make sure that the product functions as planned. The crucial aspect is to create a test case that should deliver the error-free product.

  • Test Planning Strategy

    The QA outsourcing testing experts team converts the test cases and suites into a strategy. At this stage - we define the test coverage process roles & responsibilities of testers, level of testing, testing environment, testing tools etc.

  • Test Execution Activities

    This stage helps our test engineers to find bugs and defects in the code. Some of the QA activities to find bugs include - smoke test, integration testing, security testing, performance test, and regression test.

  • Documentation Testing

    The testing team provides developers with information on defects and bugs. Our QA team verifies the fixes and closes the ticket when no issue is detected. A report is generated that describes test results.

Software Testing Services


Automation Testing Services

With a lot of technologies on the board along with a variety of frameworks and plugins. it is difficult to go with the manual testing for the software QA company. Because handwritten metrics for varied technologies is way too time-consuming. The Automation testing does well in such a scenario and comes up with productive results for a software testing company. Narola’s software testing services extensively support automation testing and have proficiency in solving project errors with the same.


Functional Software Testing Services

It is a software testing company process that ensures the software is functionally performing well. Its main work is to check that the software is functioning as per the requirements are given. By the client under the function area. Functions are the soul of any software project, and hence, this testing processes carries quite significant. With years of experience, Narola is a master in functional testing. It is providing software testing services to the enterprise, corporate and small businesses.


Performance Testing Services

You have developed a project and is working as the per the requirement of the software QA company client. Looks all good? No, there is something you are giving up and that is performance testing. It is the key part of the software testing services. it is responsible to check the overall performance of the software along with its capability. If the performance of the software is not as per the requirements, this software testing services will find the weak areas and loopholes to work upon.


Compatibility Software Testing Services

With a wide rise in the technology sector and with the arrival of various gadgets, techniques, and extended technical environment. It has become quite essential to bring the compatibility QA & testing services into the picture. It makes sure that the developed software product is working well on the popular OS, browsers, gadgets and in all confined environment. Narola the software testing company has the proficient compatibility testers who look after the same in exclusive conduct.


Security Software Testing Services

With the development of the technologies and IT field, the security hacks have also increased and testing efforts too. In today’s technical world, the main obstacle is security developing at a fast pace. Thus, security testing services are the most significant part of the testing. Its responsibility is to check whether the software is protected from all possible technical and non-technical bleach or not. Narola the software QA company provides a gem of a security testing service and ensures the safety of the software.


Regression Testing Services

In software testing services company development life cycle a software goes for redevelopment quite a number of time. Where finding faulty in any of the software testing services. The software after redevelopment walks into regression testing to ensure that it is working fine after the changes. Not only this, when software is interfaced with another one, it goes into regression testing. To check that it’s still working fine and as per to its capabilities.

Benefits of QA and Testing Services

Software QA company, Narola helps the business world by providing extensive QA & Testing services for its software product. It ensures that the software is developed in a way that it is meeting all the parameters. it is secured from all the grounds, it is developed on the futuristic & adaptable technology. it works fine in all given environment and is capable to flawlessly complete all the given tasks. Our RPA Solutions metrics check the software from all the possible angles. Make sure not even a single error exists in the same. Benefits of QA & Testing Services are as under:

  • It ensures software can go for data integration solutions with multiple software with being affected performance wise.
  • The automated approach does not leave a single line of codes to go untested.
  • It works against repeated functions and ensures the script remains light and smooth.
  • Our QA & testing services will minimize the impact of all the defects.

Our Technological Expertise

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Our Clients are Amazing!

  • Narola Infotech helped me configure the positioning of these customized Joomla modules using CSS to place them as per my design screenshot. They also agreed to work on a Saturday (for a bonus) so that it would be done by Monday. Thanks!!!

    Kimo Lee
    Kimo Lee Azurelink | USA
  • Very happy. Delivered in less hours and duration than estimated and provided regular detailed communications throughout.

    Chris Zemdegs
    Chris Zemdegs Infront Systems | Australia

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