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At Narola Infotech, we ensure our client’s success by bringing the necessary technical capabilities to solve complex challenges and re-engineer products that exceed market expectations.

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Today’s businesses are aiming for high levels of brand advocacy and consumer loyalty. Narola Infotech offers practical solutions that can significantly enhance your appeal and turnover. They are simple, rapid and of excellent quality to meet the needs of your customers.

  • Experts with experience of 1 to 10+ years
  • Smooth Resource Transitions
  • On boarding in less than 72 hours

Reasons to Consult a Product Engineering Company

Today’s corporate environment is dynamic and ever-changing. Constant innovation, cost control, and product portfolio maintenance are key challenges that software product companies face on a daily basis. 

The demand for improving user experience without increasing the cost is also challenging. This is where a product engineering company can come to your aid and save you from this dilemma.

As an expert product engineering services provider, we take a unique approach with a lean UI/UX design, agile development, and software testing to ensure that your product is economically viable and is feasible in the long term. 

We go to extraordinary lengths to help our clients find the right technological solution for their businesses. There are different phases of product engineering services. No matter if you are a startup or an established organization, each phase is equally important to deliver a high-quality product.


Most Effective Software
Development Outsourcing Services

There are two main models to work with:

Staff Augmentation

  • Best for Agile methodology
  • Large talent pool to choose from
  • System evolves with time
  • Deadlines are on scrums
  • Best flexibility during development

Project-Based Model

  • Best for fix defination projects
  • Focus around quality delivery
  • System built on fix defination
  • Deadlines are on entire project
  • Work gets done on predefined tasks

Technology Stack

UI Frameworks UI Frameworks

  • ReactJS
  • Angular
  • VueJS
  • jQuery

Back EndBack End

  • Node.js
  •  PHP 
  •  Ruby on Rails
  •  Java 
  •  .Net
  •  Python


  • MySQL
  •  Oracle
  •  PostGres
  •  MS SQL
  •  MongoDB
  •  DynamoDB
  •  Redis

Unit TestingUnit Testing

  • TestNG
  •  JUnit
  •  NUnit
  •  Mink
  •  Rspec
  •  pyunit

Project ManagementProject Management

  • Jira
  •  Slack
  •  Trello
  •  Asana
  •  Microsoft  Team Foundation Server


  • AWS
  • Azure
  •  GCP
  •  Kubernetes
  •  Docker
  •  Heroku
  • DigitalOcean

Product Engineering Services

Product Engineering Consulting

Product Engineering Consulting

Because of the widespread availability of smart devices and the simplicity with which scalable enterprises can be built, there are numerous chances to reinvent existing businesses as well as to create whole new segments. Our consultation service can help you reimagine your business by keeping your customers at the center of your business model.

Product/Platform Development Services

Product/Platform Development Services

Businesses today no longer have the option to offer generic digital products to their customers that are similar to those of their rivals’. Our professional team of developers can help you build your customized digital product or platform that you can mould according to your business goals.

Product Modernization Services

Product Modernization Services

All your outdated systems that require an upgrade can benefit from our end-to-end technology modernization services. Our technical team can devise and implement complex methods to create the best design and development framework possible. We use our extensive knowledge to guarantee that upgrades to the platforms and infrastructure run smoothly and without interruption.

Product Testing Services

Product Testing Services

Product testing guarantees that every part of your product is defect-free and fully compatible with its specifications, including its functionality, performance, and security. Our experienced team can test the quality of either a single application or the whole software ecosystem, ensuring your business growth.

Deployment & Implementation Support

Deployment & Implementation Support

Launching an application without a thorough and well-thought-out plan for deployment and implementation can turn out to be a huge headache. Our software deployment experts have developed an effective continuous delivery approach that allows us to deploy iterations quickly and provide phased implementation services that ensure data integrity.

Product Maintenance Services

Product Maintenance Services

One of the most essential parts of a product's lifecycle is its maintenance. It denotes enhancements to current products that give a competitive advantage. Our product maintenance team can assist you in this task by performing a variety of maintenance tasks, ranging from minor bug fixes to the installation of new business rules to existing products.

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Our clients have faith in us. We always keep them ahead of their competitors by serving them top notch IT solutions. They have never diminishing faith in us, and thus, they work with us time and again.

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