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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Vision of Narola's AI development services is to bring out innovative, unpredictable solutions that can solve complex business challenges beyond the capabilities of humans. We offer advanced machine learning solutions development to help enterprises achieve data-driven decision-making serving unexplored industries and technologies. You can hire the machine learning team of our company which is well versed with the required frameworks, algorithms, tools, programming languages, and other technology stacks necessary to develop industry-specific machine learning use cases.

Business Analytics

Our machine learning development company can build interactive dashboards and visualizations in real-time to create solutions in an effort to solve complex problems and track them.

Data Analytics & Engineering

Our machine learning consulting services deliver business value to enterprises trying to infuse data science within products, attempting to uncover data-driven decisions.

Predictive & Cognitive Analytics

We offer one of the best machine learning solutions in the USA by designing, building, training, and deploying machine learning and deep learning models to identify underlying patterns.

Recommendation Engine

Our machine learning consulting service helps us create a personalized experience for every user by developing an accurate recommendation system.


The best machine learning company will surely add an interactive touch to your software application. And that is exactly what we do. We make your application engaging for your audience with chatbot development.

Natural Language Processing

Machine learning consulting and development can help you identify the best tool for your business. We can build natural interactions with your users and identify patterns in unstructured data with the help of NLP.

Visual Search & Image Recognition

Our machine learning developing company can leverage ML and Deep Learning techniques in tandem to extract relevant and actionable information from images and videos.

Voice-Based AI

We collaborate with businesses to deploy their own personalized voice-based assistants to assist customers and keep them engaged.

Technologies & Platforms We Work With

  • Supervised-Learning


  • Ensemble-Techniques


  • Unsupervised-Learning


  • Featurization-And-Model-Tuning


  • Recommendation-Systems


  • Applied-Statistics


  • Artificial-Neural-Networks


  • Computer-Vision


  • Natural-Language-Processing


  • Time-Series-Prediction


  • Convolutional-Neural-Network


  • Python


  • Tensor-Flow


  • LSTM


  • RNN


  • Glove


  • Numpy


  • Pandas


  • Pyplot


  • Matplotlib


  • Seaborn


  • Flask


  • Heroku


AIML Solutions by Industries

Innovate with ML across banking, payments, capital markets, and insurance sectors to improve customer experience with personalization, and virtual assistants and prevent online fraud.

  • Modernise core banking
  • Risk analytics & regulation
  • Customer segmentation
  • Patterns finding
  • Credit worthiness evaluation
Explore our successful Insurance & Banking Case Study

Deliver insights from health data that support predictive and personalised care, accelerate scientific discovery and improve health outcomes.

  • Alerts & diagnostics from real-time patient data
  • Faster analysis as compared to humans.
  • Proactive health management
  • Healthcare provider sentiment analysis
Explore our successful Healthcare Case Study

Improve Industrial operations and engineering output by reducing unexpected downtime, improving product quality, forecasting, and streamlining operations throughout your supply chain with our customized AI solutions

  • Predictive maintenance or condition monitoring
  • Demand forecasting
  • Process optimization
  • Telematics
Explore our successful Industrial Case Study

Unleash the unexplored market opportunities, optimise marketing strategies and generate higher sales percentage by adopting AIML solutions specific to your business.

  • Lead Generation
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Sales content personalization and analytics
  • Price optimization
Explore our successful Marketing & Sales Case Study

Use AI to provide personalized customer recommendations and improve customer service by gaining insights from the customer journey

  • Predictive inventory planning
  • Recommendation engines
  • Customer feedback and complaints
  • Customer RoI & lifetime value
Explore our successful E-commerce Case Study

AIML plays an important role in enhancing Safety & Security in many sense from the detection of frauds, forecasting of extreme events, decision support, and beyond.

  • Disaster Risk Reduction such as Wildfire, Floods, Earthquake
  • AIML for cybersecurity
  • Combat financial crime
  • Email Monitoring
  • Face Recognition
Explore our successful Security Case Study

The Value We Offer Our Clients

We ensure your experience with us is hassle-free and transparent.

Execution With Surety

We take up a project only when we are 100% clear with the project purpose and desired output. We do not waste your time or money with unclear trial attempts. Therefore, efficient execution of the project is assured, providing you with the desired results.

Regular Updates & Timely Delivery

You’ll have access to a dedicated technical project manager who will help you stay on top of deadlines using collaborative tools for constant communication. We believe in delivering timely updates without compromising on quality assurance.

Innovation With Diverse Skills

We align our aim to deliver innovative solutions to your business problem to ensure your satisfaction. To do this, we have a passionate team with diverse Machine Learning skill sets and experiences to provide maximum coverage across all platforms and technologies.

Post-Delivery Support and Maintenance

We provide you with post-launch support and maintenance services that allow you to help your team create the maximum benefit of the innovative solution developed to resolve your business problems and generate higher returns.

AIML Development Process

Data Gathering

Collecting Data from various sources

Data Cleaning

Cleaning data to have homogeneity

Model Building

Selecting the right ML algorithm

Gaining Insights

Gaining insights from the model’s results

Data Visualisation

Transforming results into visuals graphs

We work with you with these
Business Friendly Engagement Model

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