Trusted By 1500+ Happy Clients including these Fortune companies

Trusted By 1500+ Happy Clients including these Fortune companies

DevOps Engineering Services

As a DevOps development company, we combine skills in software development and automation to create a unified and better approach to both. There are many benefits a company receives by opting for DevOps, such as reduced project completion time, reduced costs, reliability, stability, high scalability, and enhanced security. The DevOps experts of Narola Infotech have the capability to optimize, monitor, and make changes in the functionality if required with the help of tools that quicken this process.

Managed DevOps Services Icon

Managed DevOps Services

Adopting DevOps can do wonders for your business. Our DevOps solutions company undertakes practices that will seamlessly merge software and IT to scale your business and better serve your customers’ needs. You can focus on your clients while we focus on your business.

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DevOps Infrastructure Automation

Our DevOps services effectively optimize software development and integration process to suit your infrastructure. We also constantly observe the performance to assess the changes that are required if not optimum to improve functionality and productivity throughout your organization.

Cloud Computing Icon

Cloud Computing

The changes our DevOps services in the USA offer enable better use of cloud capabilities. We reduce the time-to-market products without downgrading the reliability or stability of the product. Our cloud experts can take care of cloud migration, optimization, development, and maintenance.

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Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

Our DevOps outsourcing company in the USA integrates the best-in-class CI/CD tools to build automation between development, QA, and production. Our DevOps techies are involved in the complete process of experimenting, testing, delivering products, etc.

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DevOps Automation Service

Consistency and software stability is obtained by automating various processes. Our DevOps team automate Manual processes such as deployments, test workflows, configuration management, and more, also accelerate processes, scale environments and enable faster and safer iterations with CI/CD workflows.

DevOps Implementation service Icon

DevOps Implementation service

Our DevOps implementation services involve a delivery system that paves the way for code to be written, built, tested, and deployed in the best possible way. Beginning with growth analysis, designing, development, automation, and finally implementation we complete the entire process.

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Security & Compliance

The infrastructure that our AWS DevOps consulting company builds complies with all regulatory requirements. We also maintain well-defined tools and practices in case of any breaches of your security.

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Microservices in DevOps

DevOps’s microservice stands as an adoption tool between various departments. All our teams work together to achieve the target and fix the issues raised. As playing an important role in DevOps solutions, we assure 100% effectiveness in the different stages of deployment, scaling & modifiability.

Technologies & Platforms We Work With

  • Git Source Code Mgmt
  • Github Source Code Mgmt
  • Gitlab Source Code Mgmt
  • Bitbucket Source Code Mgmt
  • Jenkins Cont. Integration
  • GItlab CI Cont. Integration
    GItlab CI
  • Github Actions Cont. Integration
    Github Actions
  • Bitbucket Pipeline Cont. Integration
    Bitbucket Pipeline
  • Puppet Configuration Mgmt.
  • Ansible Configuration Mgmt.
  • Jenkins Deployment Auto.
  • Docker Containers
  • Kubernetes Containers
  • Nginx Web Server
  • Apache Web Server
  • IIS Web Server
  • Tomcat Web Server
  • Terraform Infra. As a Code
  • AWS Cloudformation Infra. As a Code
    AWS Cloudformation
  • Linux Server Server Management
    Linux Server
  • Windows Server Server Management
    Windows Server
  • AD Setup Server Management
    AD Setup
  • AWS Cloud
  • Azure Cloud
  • Digital Ocean Cloud
    Digital Ocean
  • GCP Cloud
  • Load Balancing Highly Available Infrastructure
    Load Balancing
  • Auto Scalling Highly Available Infrastructure
    Auto Scalling
  • Data Backup Highly Available Infrastructure
    Data Backup
  • Zero Downtime Setup Highly Available Infrastructure
    Zero Downtime Setup

DevOps Process

Narola Infotech offers flexible engagement models as we believe in delivering complete value for money to our clients & their specific needs and our pricing models are crafted keeping mutual interests in mind.


DevOps Implementation Practice

DevOps is a practice that every product should follow. It brings both developers and operations together to form a smaller and active product development cycle. We are specialized in setting up such architecture. It is capable of setting up automated test acceptance and a proper CI/CD process. The only possible way to benefit from DevOps services to the fullest is to accept that DevOps is more than just an organizational structure — it’s a mindset.

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    It's my privilege to recommend Narola Infotech for the business ventures who are looking for an affordable, reliable and complete software solution for their expanding business empire. Narola Infotech has a wide array of software solutions and they make the solutions based on your requirements. They had designed for us the complete WMS package supported by the online ordering system for our franchises. Their solutions drastically cut down our work load and also their maintenance turnaround time is really impressive.

    Sunoj Sebastian

    Warehouse and Logistics Coordinator, Easy Way Tea | Australia

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