Most Recommended Cross Platform Tools

Have you decided to go with cross platform technology to have an application for your business or professional use? If yes, then your work is still half done as you have to decide on the most crucial part that which tool you must opt for cross platform mobile development. Today – we are here to help you suggest the best of cross platform development tools, so that you can have the best cross platform app running for your business.


It is the best known tool under cross platform development technology. The cross platform app developer finds it perfect to develop the robust application. PhoneGap is based on the open source apache cordova and is alo available for free use. Adobe is also trying its hands on premium version of the PhoneGap and will be available in the market soon.


It is enterprise-oriented platform which enables the developers to write java script through its MVC framework. It is quite familiar among the developers as most of them know about the java script and hence, they do not have to struggle with the unfamiliar codes. For enterprise and big brands, appcelerator offers virtual cloud functionality to keep their sensitive data secure. Appcelerator goes beyond the traditional limits and offers helping hand in operations and performance management.


It is the fastest growing cross platform development tool and is multiplying its strength each day. It has recently awarded with $54 Millions investment which is helping it in developing its platform in a better way and in making its reach wide. It is also a fact that since the release of its last update i.e. Xamarin 2, it has evolved as the major platform for cross platform solutions.


It has been specially built for the enterprises looking out for quick development of the application. The company claim that platform is very easy to understand and only require a 3 days time of developer to get handy with it. iFactr is ace of the spade in prototype features which allows the company to build a quick prototype for their employees to test. It is also noticeable that iFactr seeks the help of Xamarin platform to turn its native apps compatible for android and iOS.


In addition to the above mentioned cross platform mobile development tools, there are lot many other tools but they are not as capable in comparison with these.

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