How Narola Infotech designed and built the manageable RallyNavigator system for the Rally Races and general purpose navigation.

Client Profile

The Client name is Mike Shirley (Owner, Double Diamond Athletic Club and rallynavigator, Reno, Nevada) Also an Instructor with Rally Management Services. Mike had the vision to make rally route creation simpler and faster. Mike has been an RMS crew member at the Dakar Rally twice and has raced in Mongolia and Mexico.

Company Profile


The RallyNavigator is an online system which helps in organizing all types of events of Rally Sports. It is a software to manage all the things and rally becomes more fun.This software covers all the paperwork for any rally. Thus reduces the Navigator’s tedious paperwork and remembering the tracks etc.

Narola Infotech

Narola Infotech is a Information Technology based Outsourcing company which provides Software solutions, Technical Solutions of the complex business problems and needs. Narola infotech serves vast number of services like Enterprise Service , Web Development , Mobile App and Game Development serving in all domains and technologies.

Client Needs/Challenges

Business Needs

  • The Web System should be responsive and should attract numerous attention.
  • Should be easily available and should provide maximum accuracy for rallying navigation and services and should get best ratings and reviews.
  • Should reach maximum number of people and should generate revenue easily.

  • The System should be available and accessible easily.
  • The System should be easily customizable with interactive and user friendly UI UX.
  • There should be a login/sign up portal to gather the user details.
  • The System should be mapped along with Google Maps.
  • The system should be remotely monitored and accessed.
  • Removing the tedious Paper Sheet preparation and Reading and creating a software based routes and its customization should be easily done.

Functional & Operational Challenge

Proposed Solution

  • Narola Infotech proposed the solution and suggested to use Ruby On Rails server-side web application framework and PostgreSQL object-relational database management system
  • Use of Pivotal tracker tool to track the project working progress.
  • Deploying the System on heroku with supporting plugin airbreak.
  • User can mark and save the tracks as per his needs and also tag the tracks, waypoints, routes.
  • Use of Google maps for the Route navigation.
  • Use of CMS content management system for managing the System and User Data.
  • The Proposed system was able to solve the issues and needs of the client such as Custom design and UI and Multiple location remote access with all the user hierarchy and system support.

  • The Web System developed was interactive and user friendly.
  • The Main objective of removing tedious work of Paperwork and Route mapping, setting up and organizing rally tracks was removed and a simpler direct remote tracking and marking etc for all the rally tracks through online google maps and remotely accessing was achieved.
  • The multiple User access ability of the System was achieved and Data maintenance was successful. The guest could Login using several Social medias and Email logins etc.
  • The user could himself map the road and track and also give personal notes/tags for the turns/obstacles etc on the tracks.
  • The UI UX of the system was easy and User friendly.
  • All the vendor services and setting up and maintaining the bookings of the Service are accessible easily and remotely using the Web System.
  • The Data capturing of the Users and integration was successful using the API.

Objectives Achieved

Technologies/Resources Used

Development & Database:


Data Management:

Deployment with supporting Plugin:


Approx Hours:



The Proposed System was able to satisfy and achieve the desired objectives and requirements of the client such as Interactive System, User friendly UI and all the functionalities as well as multiple users and remote access and support with all the necessary User details and Hierarchy and integration of Google maps as well as User data storage and Saving the routes and waypoints etc. The business needs were also achieved and the data management and system management was also achieved. The Route navigation Service customizations etc.The multiple routes and waypoints place mapping and its management etc with multiple user login and integration were added into the System.The RallyNavigator system was successfully deployed and implemented  and was managed remotely where Users can access and read/edit and print the routes and waypoints into the RallyNavigator for Rallying .

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