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hrms-softwareAbout The Product

One of the most important departments in any organization is the Human Resources. They are responsible for the smooth functioning of your company. The decorum of every employee is maintained and monitored by them. At the same time, they address every problem faced by the employees.

The HR department prominently is in charge of the salary structures, regular payouts, leaves, etc. for each and every employee connected with the company. Their task is a mammoth one. There is no room for error. In light to automate this sector, Narola has developed the “Narola HRMS” application.

It takes care of every aspect of human resources management along with streamlining it.

hrms-software Taking Away the Stress from Your HR Management

Narola HRMS is a one-stop HR solution if you are facing any of the following challenges.

If the answer to any or all of these questions is a yes, you definitely need Narola HRMS as a part of your company functioning tool.

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    The entire process of recruitment can be noted with Narola HRMS. Right from the requirement for the vacant job profiles to the final placement of the candidate. The scheduling of the interview, the number of rounds, and the final score at the end of the interview are some parameters that can be stated.

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    One of the major tasks of the HR dept is making sure that the right amount reaches the salary account of every employee at the right time. Even if your employees work in flexible hours, freelancing, or part-time, we got you covered. All the salary calculations are done automatically based on your criteria leading to accurate results.

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    Manage clock In and Out time of your employees. The attendance module helps you be dexterous when it comes to handling the timings and working hours of your employees. There is seamless functionality to monitor the late arrivals, early departures, and absence.

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    Narola HRMS saves you the pain of manually calculating the number of leave or off-hours and synching it with the salary. You can flexibly enter the approved leaves and view the summary simply with a click on the tab on the dashboard.

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    It is necessary to regularly evaluate the performance of your employees. This helps in rightful appraisals for the outstanding ones and keeps those informed where there is room for improvement. You can thus assess every member of your organization and work towards the fulfillment of human resources.

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Narola HRMS is thus an application that causes cohesive actions to take place in your human resources department. This product from Narola makes management a cake-walk for your team. So, quit the hassle of maintaining a large number of files or even spreadsheets. The solution to run your company in a dynamic way is Narola HRMS.

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