A Glimpse of the Zocular

Company Profile


Zocular® is the result of advanced research on eye and skincare. The product contains healing properties of okra, They formulated an okra-based link between the eye and skin which is called ZokrexTM. Dr. Peter Pham established that dry eye is an outcome of ‘eyelid margin acne’. Their product is infused with Zocusome micelles which gently lifts and clears the residue and oil on your eyelid margins. The method rejuvenates your eyes by catering to the intrinsic needs of your eyes and skin with natural solutions rather than harsh drugs/compounds.

Narola Infotech

Narola Infotech is an Information Technology based company that provides Software and Technical Solutions to complex business problems and needs. We serve a vast number of services like Enterprise, Web Development, Mobile App, and Game Development. Our talent pool is deep in all domains and provides efficient results.

Business Needs

  • The website should cater to both B2B and B2C business needs efficiently.
  • A Provision of bulk purchase for doctors with payment features like PayPal, Stripe, and Invoice.
  • A commission-based system for doctors on each sale they procure.

Functional & Operational Challenge

  • The website should be optimized to be available easily and gain traction.
  • The system should be user-friendly to achieve multiple engagements.
  • Enable administrator to manage everything from products, stocks, orders to email, SMS, display and site content via ‘Admin Panel’.
  • Order tracking for both user and admin from purchase to delivery.
  • A permission-based professional hierarchy to grant access to users as required.
  • Automated calculation for commissions granted to doctors.

Proposed Solution

  • Narola Infotech proposed to use the Code-Igniter framework in PHP for development.
  • MySQL was proposed for the management of data.
  • Job scheduling and setting up of professional hierarchy was proposed to be done via Cron Job.
  • Stripe and PayPal API were proposed for in-build payment structure,
  • Twilio and Send-In-Blue API were proposed for SMS and Email respectively.
  • The Shippo API was proposed to manage the shipping and tracking of products.

Objectives Achieved

  • Easy user interface and swift payment structure achieved for the complete process of sales by doctors as well as admin.
  • Supportive interface for product, user, order, and content management via one panel achieved.
  • All functional and operational challenges were achieved efficiently alongside precise order tracking from merchants to clients.



A well-balanced website was developed according to the requirements. Our professionals played a pivotal role in making this site both attractive and user-friendly. We at Narola Infotech worked with utmost responsibility as it was a medical project and required extensive market research. Rigorous testing took place before handing over the Admin rights to the client to ensure efficient working. The elements like product tracking, website theme and responsiveness were praised. The implementation of the entire project was successful and it significantly increased the depth of our talent pool.