A Glimpse of the The Wedding Expo

Company Profile

The Wedding Expo

The Wedding Expo is an online system which helps in organizing all types of events of marriage in California. They allow brides/grooms to register themselves for the WeddingExpo in order to organize and manage their marriage functions and events.It specialize in vendor booking and services for marriages.

Narola Infotech

Narola Infotech is an Information Technology based Outsourcing company which provides Software solutions, Technical Solutions of the complex business problems and needs. Narola infotech serves vast number of services like Enterprise Services, Web Development, Mobile App, and Game Development serving in all domains and technologies.

Business Needs

  • The Web System should be responsive and should attract numerous attention.
  • Should reach maximum number of people and should generate revenue easily.
  • Should be easily available and should provide maximum online service for booking vendors and services and should get best ratings and reviews.

Functional & Operational Challenge

  • The System should be available and accessible easily.
  • The System should be easily customizable with interactive and user friendly UI UX.
  • There should be a login/sign up portal to gather the user details.
  • The System should be mapped along with the Expo’s Admin panel.
  • The system should be remotely monitored and accessed.
  • The Splash page should be accessible by the respective clients and its customization should be easily done.

Proposed Solution

  • Narola Infotech proposed the solution and suggested to use Ruby On Rails server-side web application framework and PostgreSQL object-relational database management system and Use of Sidekiq for background jobs.
  • Use of Foundation, leaflet Js, Vanilla js for Responsive Website Templates.
  • Use of Nginx, unicorn, puma, s3 buckets(aws) for Severside.
  • Use of Papertrail for live maintenance.
  • Cron for Job Scheduling.
  • The use of API Stripe: For payments, Twilio: For text sms, Campaign Monitor: For better email management.
  • The Proposed system was able to solve the issues and needs of the client such as Custom design and UI and Multiple location remote access with all the user hierarchy and system support.

Objectives Achieved

  • The Web System developed was interactive and user friendly.
  • The Main objective of removing tedious work of Clients to go to all the Vendors for setting up and organizing booking their Services by visiting them physically was removed and a simpler direct vendor booking for all the services through online and remotely booking was achieved.
  • The multiple User access ability of the System was achieved and Data maintenance was successful. The guest could Login using several Social media and Email logins etc. And the user gets notified on Emails and SMS for the updates regarding vendors and services and booking Info etc.
  • The UI UX of the system was easy and User friendly.
  • All the vendor services and setting up and maintaining the bookings of the Service are accessible easily and remotely using the Web System.
  • The Data capturing of the Users and integration was successful using the API.



The Proposed System was able to satisfy and achieve the desired objectives and requirements of the client such as Interactive System, User friendly UI and all the functionalities as well as multiple users and remote access and support with all the necessary User details and Hierarchy and integration of Vendors as well as User data storage and captive portal etc.

The business needs were also achieved and the data management and system management was also achieved. The Vendor Service customizations etc.The multiple vendors and service providers at single place and its management etc with multiple user login and Email,SMS integration were added into the System.The Wedding Expo system was successfully deployed and implemented and managed remotely where Users can actually access and book the Wedding planners and vendors Virtually without being physically present there.