A Glimpse of the VoetstAPPen App

Company Profile

VoetstAPPen App

This is an amazing app built to make your travel & site-seeing throughout the town of Hillegom, Netherlands easy. The app supports 3 languages, English, Dutch, and German making it viable for a larger audience. It helps tourists as well as people new in the town to explore it easily by providing information of important sites in the user’s vicinity. It uses GPS location to track the sites within a 5 km radius of the app user.

Narola Infotech

Narola Infotech is an enterprise software development company that provides customized IT solutions among other extensive technical solutions to complex business problems and needs. Narola Infotech caters to a vast number of services like Enterprise Solutions, Web Development, Mobile App, Automation & ML, product engineering, and developing on-demand software products serving in all domains and technologies.

Business Needs

  • Design and develop a fully functional VoetstAppen app.
  • The app user should be able to explore sites in Hillegom, Netherlands by selecting a route.
  • Based on GPS location, a user should be notified about the sites with their 5 km radius.
  • As the user approaches the site, within 100 m radius, a detailed description of the site, relevant images, and a sound file should be available.
  • The app should be available for users in three languages:
  • The app was to be developed on both iOS and Android platforms.

Functional & Operational Challenge

  • The main challenge to build this app was location detection/tracking. Since the entire development was carried with the ReactNative technology, the GPS location enabling of the user is a challenge.
  • The app should provide the option for navigation throughout Hillegom without interruption even if the location is disabled by the user.
  • Enlist the weekly schedule for the radio program on the “Schedule” page of the website.
  • The app was to work seamlessly and coherently in all three languages.
    • English
    • Dutch
    • German

Proposed Solution

  • The technical issues were resolved by close coordination and co-operation with our client who provided us clarity about the features required in the app from time to time.
  • Mock real-time testing of the complete app using pseudo locations was completed.
  • The location detection of the user would be only when required. Rest the user can navigate even without location tracking.

Objectives Achieved

  • The app was successfully implemented and deployed on the Apple store and Google Play store.
  • The user could select their route out of the two for exploration.
  • All the sites within a 5km area of the user’s location were effectively visible and on approaching within 100 m of the site, local notifications would appear via “Push notifications”.
  • The number of sites present is depicted by annotations on the map. When a user clicks on it, the site’s images, sound clip, description, etc. appear.
  • The app was aesthetically pleasing as it was great in terms of user interface and responsiveness.



The project was successfully implemented for users in Hillegom, Netherlands. The app belongs to the travel & entertainment niche and had some unique requirements by the client. It was challenging to incorporate GPS with the ReactNative technology and our team of developers did a fine job in implementing it effectively. The multi-lingual implementation was a great learning experience.

The app is available on the Google play store as well as for iPhone users to walk a route through Hillegom and be guided through all the historical places. Hillegom is a beautiful town famous for its flower bulb cultivation and splendid art. We are glad to have worked on this project for our client for its instilled uniqueness.