A Glimpse of the Souqways

Company Profile


It is a multi-vendor WooCommerce website connecting millions of buyers and sellers around the world. Souqways aims to empower people by creating economic opportunities for all. They offer a wide range of tools and seller services that assist budding entrepreneurs. Their portal makes business management and scaling quite easy. This seconds their mission of building a more fulfilling and lasting world. The commitment to use the power of business to strengthen communities is commendable. We are honored to be a part of this journey.

Narola Infotech

Narola Infotech is an Information Technology based company that provides Software and Technical Solutions to complex business problems and needs. We serve a vast number of services like Enterprise, Web Development, Mobile App, and Game Development. Our talent pool is deep in all domains and provides efficient results.

Business Needs

  • Create a multi-vendor and multi-lingual online shopping website.
  • An advanced UI to gain good engagements and traction.
  • Easy navigation and swift payment structure to facilitate sales.

Functional & Operational Challenge

  • A responsive website with multi-lingual support and user-friendly UI UX.
  • Setting up a multiple-vendor system with a commission-based sales feature.
  • SEO optimization to increase the reach and conversion rates.
  • A multi-currency support for all finance-related modules.
  • A dynamic dashboard to assist the user with recommendations to make a purchase.

Proposed Solution

  • Narola Infotech proposed to use PHP with a WordPress framework for the website.
  • Theme customization proposed to support the multi-lingual and multi-currency features.
  • Plugins like Sitepress Multivendor, Language Switcher(WPML) and Currency Switcher were proposed.
  • We proposed to add customized support for RTL via child theme as the parent theme wasn’t 100% supportive.
  • The integration of currency with language to show prices on the basis of dialect selected by the user was proposed.
  • Code optimization was proposed to significantly increase loading speed.
  • PayPal and Stripe APIs proposed for express and reliable payment structure.
  • Custom forms proposed to authenticate vendors based on company policies.

Objectives Achieved

  • A responsive website with excellent loading speed and friendly UI UX achieved.
  • A multi-vendor WooCommerce platform with integrated multi-lingual, multi-currency and commission structure achieved.
  • Website optimized to increase the reach of products as well as engagement rates.
  • A dynamic dashboard with simple navigation achieved.
  • A reliable payment portal integrated for smooth financial processes.
  • All operational and functional challenges were met as per the requirement of the client.



The final product was achieved after extensive planning and brainstorming to provide optimum results. We at Narola Infotech took the utmost care of responsiveness while developing a multi-functional framework for the website. E-commerce demands rapid engagements! The plugins suggested by our professionals were appreciated by Souqways. Other elements that were praised were custom forms with commission-based structure, friendly UI, optimization of site for rapid loading and integration of payment currency with language selected. A rigorous testing before handing over the credentials was conducted to avoid any operational issues. Implementation of this entire project was successful and it made our team more innovative.