A Glimpse of the Sanskar Radio

Company Profile

Sanskar Radio

SanskarRadio is a part of the Sabras Radio family. It broadcasts 18 hours every day and is operative in Leicester. It is a team of members and volunteers devoted to live-streaming programs of cultural, social, religious, educational, and economic importance. It is dedicated to nurturing the values and rich culture of Hinduism in young minds and people of all ages alike by broadening their knowledge about the faith and Hindu religion.

Narola Infotech

Narola Infotech is an Information Technology based Outsourcing company that provides Software solutions, Technical Solutions to complex business problems, and needs. Narola infotech serves a vast number of services like Enterprise Services, Web Development, Mobile App, and Game Development serving in all domains and technologies.

Business Needs

  • To create a website that provides online radio streaming free services to its users.
  • The website had some very specific and unique requirements like daily updating schedule, information about news & events, etc.
  • Besides the live streaming, the website was expected to be very interactive and dynamic as it required the sharing of real-time, updated information about events.

Functional & Operational Challenge

  • To display news and events dynamically on the news-events page.
  • Announcement of all the latest upcoming events instantaneously on the home page sidebar.
  • Enlist the weekly schedule for the radio program on the “Schedule” page of the website.

Proposed Solution

  • We developed the website on the WordPress platform.
  • It was proposed by the team to effectively make use of the Contact Form 7 plugin from WordPress that enables to manage multiple contact forms, plus one can customize the form and the mail contents flexibly with simple markup.
  • We customized the website layout templates via the child theme.
  • The Worldwide Radio Station Directory Player Plugin for WordPress was also incorporated.

Objectives Achieved

  • A fully functional Sanskar radio website was created and developed for online streaming in accordance with the schedule.
  • All the information to be shared was enabled in an error-free manner.



A fully functional WordPress website BizAsia was redesigned up to its complete potential with the new theme and additional sections. All the client’s requirements like the dynamic and section-wise display of new, current, and relevant blogs, daily/weekly newsletter implementation, Ads placement, and finally Google Analytics for valuable insights were executed.

It was a great experience for the team to work on such an incredible concept. The client was also impressively satisfied with the final output and implementations.