A Glimpse of the Flowyze

Company Profile


Flowyze has the vision to assist SMEs to compete with the best in business by outsourcing their back-end work. This will give small or medium enterprises more time to spend on their core tasks that define the company. The provision of assistance in sectors like accounting, sales, graphic designing, events, market analysis, data management, and PR makes Flowyze a one-stop solution for process management. With 19+ years of experience and 16000+ completed task, no question arises on reliability! They believe in enabling people to do the things they are passionate about efficiently!

Narola Infotech

Narola Infotech is an Information Technology based company that provides Software and Technical Solutions to complex business problems and needs. We serve a vast number of services like Enterprise, Web Development, Mobile App, and Game Development. Our talent pool is deep in all domains and provides efficient results.

Business Needs

  • A website to fit most devices with the least disturbance in user-interface holistically.
  • A built-in payment portal for swift payments from any part of the world.
  • It should be optimized to reach maximum people and gain good traction/engagements.

Functional & Operational Challenge

  • Interactive UI UX alongside the capability to handle massive traffic intelligently.
  • Easy navigation to make users understand the features intricately.
  • Source code optimization to load the site faster with versioning control and a genuine norm for customization to be ensued.
  • Swift registration forms integrated with easy assistant assigning module.
  • A designated admin panel to control all elements, be it back or front-end.
  • Push notifications via email/desktop to guide, direct or inform users and admin about the word in progress.
  • Possibility to switch accounts for admin and mentor users.
  • The flow of features or third party tools as per client requirement. Prompt guidance if it in any way affects the technical-end of the site.
  • The capability to avoid or escape unauthorized attacks.

Proposed Solution

  • Narola Infotech proposed Code-Igniter for framework and PHP coding to deliver user-friendly as well as universal device-friendly UI UX.
  • MySQL was proposed for detailed massive data management.
  • Payment portals like PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Sofort, EPS, American Express and SEPA were proposed to be integrated for worldwide approach
  • Optimization for themes and modules required by the client was proposed to attain simple site navigation.
  • Btrusted and McAfee integration proposed for service reliability and security.
  • Role level categorization of assistance was proposed.

Objectives Achieved

  • A modern dynamic website with a friendly interface for all devices achieved.
  • A swift built-in portal for all sorts of financial transactions achieved.
  • An attractive theme with SEO optimization to reach the maximum number of people and gain good traction achieved.
  • Hard coding standards were maintained and reliable third-party tools were used to ensure quality.
  • An interactive module to understand customer needs developed.
  • A tracker to keep an eye on budget, as well as task accomplishment, was built to assist efficient working.
  • Prompt notifications and designated panel for admin to control all the functions of the business achieved.
  • A secure and reliable platform was built to safeguard the interests of customers as well as the business.
  • All functional and operational challenges were met with the utmost understanding of requirements and responsibility.



An awesome website was developed to deliver all the requirements stated by the client precisely and attractively. The final product was delivered keeping mind all functions that the client wished to deliver to its customer base via real-time assistance. All categories were sorted and extensive testing took place before handing over the controlling rights. Our professionals ensured that the platform was responsive, user-friendly as well as can be enabled on any device without much distortion in the theme. The elements like task board, push notifications, dynamic UI UX, registration and payment portals were praised. An NDA was signed to avoid any leak of idea or process to ensure no foul play takes place. The entire project was successfully implemented and it significantly increased the reliability quotient of our core team.