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E-commerce has been transforming the way people shop around the world. Epal was established with the purpose of capitalizing the e-market in Nordic countries and beyond. It celebrates the amazing designs and quality that Icelanders offer. This website is a simple and efficient online shopping portal that facilitates product sales. One can fulfill their material needs by searching for items on the basis of several categories. It has a swift payment structure and also great discounts on exclusive commodities to deliver optimum results. It consists of products ranging from lifestyle to furniture with a special section for Icelandic designs.

Narola Infotech

Narola Infotech is an Information Technology based company that provides Software and Technical Solutions to complex business problems and needs. We serve a vast number of services like Enterprise, Web Development, Mobile App, and Game Development. Our talent pool is deep in all domains and provides efficient results.

Business Needs

  • A progressive website to gain good traction and engagements.
  • Easy navigation to assist people with shopping via recommendations.
  • Swift payment structure to facilitate the financial end.
  • The modules should be equipped with ratings and reviews section to augment a brand’s value.

Functional & Operational Challenge

  • A responsive website with the ability to handle high traffic.
  • It should enable frequent customization without affecting the convenience of a customer.
  • Multiple user-friendly interfaces for 3rd party modules like advanced payments and other essential functions.
  • A secure platform to avoid breach in user-data and fraudulent product sales.
  • The ability to assist merchants earn exponentially during holidays.
  • SEO optimized site that ranks well on search engines.

Proposed Solution

  • Narola Infotech proposed to use PHP with a WordPress framework for the website.
  • We also proposed to keep the site updated by frequently revising the core version, theme and plugins of WordPress.
  • The integration of fine security and authentication was proposed via the WordPress plugin.
  • All local payment gateways like Kreditkort, Greiðsluseðill, Síminn Pay, Aur, and Netgíró were proposed to be integrated.
  • An extensive optimization of the back-end was proposed to handle a huge no. of visitors.

Objectives Achieved

  • A dynamic website with easy navigation and friendly UI UX was developed.
  • It was tested rigorously to be responsive, keeping in mind the high traffic requirement.
  • A top-notch security structure was integrated to avoid setbacks.
  • Multiple interfaces were inculcated to facilitate 3rd party modules for payment and delivery.
  • The site was optimized to reach maximum people and increase the conversation rate.
  • All functional and operational challenges were met with the utmost care towards quality.



An ultimate product was achieved after meticulously working on each segment of the framework and security integrations. A detailed testing took place before handing over the final website to the client with credentials to ensure excellent results. An extensive market research went behind designing the theme and extra-care was taken to make the site user-friendly. Professionals at Narola Infotech understood the client requirement completely before proposing innovative solutions. The elements like category assignment, responsive UI UX, payment portals and SEO optimization were praised. The implementation of this project was successful and it made our team more conscious about the e-commerce market globally!

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