A Glimpse of the Bonnet App

Company Profile

Sanskar Radio

This app gives car owners the liberty to focus on the cool stuff about cars i.e. driving it. The app takes away the hectic regime that involves many endless tasks that are to be scheduled and remembered for up-to-date maintenance of your cars. It has the necessary software combined which not only maintains servicing history but provides push notifications for reminders. The app is built to serve the New Zealand Automotive Market.

Narola Infotech

Narola Infotech is an enterprise software development company that provides customized IT solutions among other extensive technical solutions to complex business problems and needs. Narola Infotech caters to a vast number of services like Enterprise Solutions, Web Development, Mobile App, Automation & ML, product engineering, and developing on-demand software products serving in all domains and technologies.

Business Needs

  • Design and develop a fully functional Bonnet app with custom features for dealers and general car/vehicle owners.
  • To build an unmatched app that caters to every need of car owner for its maintenance.
  • Advanced features like push notifications, reminders, multi-functional dashboard, event organization, report generation, etc.
  • The user should be able to look for parts of the car and make an inquiry.
  • Additionally GPS enabled searches for restaurants, cafes, petrol pumps, etc.
  • The app was to be developed on both iOS and Android platforms.

Functional & Operational Challenge

  • With the replete features, the main challenge was to manage all the data along with information about the registered users and their car details.
  • OCustomized development was to be carried out to view all car service reporting.
  • An important module of the Bonnet app is to book car service. The entire process was to be streamlined with real-time data fetching and successfully implemented.
  • Creating a new user from the dealer dashboard portal was also a challenging task.

Proposed Solution

  • The app required intense discussion and a new approach to building it. We delegated each of the modules to teams with expertise in the area.
  • We maintained regular contact with the client and their valuable feedback kept us on the right track for development.
  • Our experience for working in real-time application implementations helped a lot as this app in particular was an amalgamation of features like GPS location and tracking.

Objectives Achieved

  • The app was functional in the following areas.
  • Service Area: That lets the user know about the availability of services.
  • Book a service: Only Time, Date, Vehicle information to book. Additionally, 24-hour confirmation
  • Road trip: With Trip Advisor, the real-time locating of attractions, cafes, restaurants, petrol pumps, etc. was made possible.



The Bonnet vehicle app was successfully implemented with all its functionalities within the stipulated time. It was made for both car owners and dealers across New Zealand. The dashboard provides vital information about the countdown to the next service, parts available, essential info in real-time for a road trip, exciting news about the upcoming events without spamming the user. Moreover, all the data about registered users and dealers are safe and stored well for easy access. The expert team at Narola Infotech had a fulfilling experience working for the development of this app.